Tuesday 9 July 2013

Broad Beans

Well, the Broad Beans have finally made it to harvest time.

That is the first batch of pods from my first row of plants - the "Aquadulce" ones.

This year many of the plants, particularly the Aquadulce ones, have very thin stems, and have therefore needed a lot of support.

This plant flopped over very early on, and then recovered, making this crazy "S'-shape.

Several of the plants have now decided to put up new shoots from the base of the main stems, and these have plenty of flowers on them, so maybe I'll get a second crop.

Although the yield seems small, the quality of the actual beans seems good:

Most of the pods have five beans in them.

I'm hoping that the other two varieties of Broad Bean will do better, but to be honest, neither is looking very strong. We shall see...


  1. I sowed my broad beans last autumn and overwintered them in the greenhouse. They've done well on the whole, though they got planted out later than I'd have hoped because of the cold spell at the start of the year. They ended up being a little straggly when transplanted but they rallied and ended up being strong plants. I think it's definitely worth overwintering if you have somewhere to do so as I'd have had a much earlier harvest than I eventually did if I'd have got them out sooner, and also if harvesting them wasn't delayed, I had family matters to take care of at the time I should have been taking my first harvest. I'm looking forward to hearing what you did with them now, I'm looking for inspiration.

  2. We tried growing 'Stereo' this year, after being recommended by Sarah Raven on her veg course, alongside the last of a pack of aquadulce seeds. The difference in plants is interesting, Stereo are shorter, sturdier yet packed with fruit - highest yield we've had. We haven't even staked them this year, despite our windy hilltop, and they are all standing. Just started picking them this week, and they are tasty too. Perhaps worth a try?

  3. I have only sown the one variety this year - Meteor, They have cropped very well actually so i would give them another go next year. like you I did have to stake them with canes & string.

  4. Ours are just about ready to pick just a tiny bit more swelling of pods needed.

  5. Those broad beans are looking good Mark.

  6. They look good! How do you prepare them? lightly steamed? Gently poached in butter?


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