Friday 19 July 2013

Brassica seedlings

It's the time of year for Brassica seedlings. At about this time every year I pot-up a load of seedlings for my
Winter Brassicas - Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Cavolo Nero, and occasionally some Cabbage.

This year I have 3 different types of Purple Sprouting Broccoli: "Red Arrow", "Red Spear" and "Early Purple". I have two types of Cavolo Nero, one of which is just called that, and the other is "Black Magic". I also have some miniature Broccoli "Matsuri". The latter is not a Winter type, so I'm hoping it will mature before any cold weather arrives. (Though cold weather just now seems a VERY distant prospect!)

I sowed the seeds for all these on 22nd June, and this past weekend I judged them to be big enough to go into individual containers. Those tall Elmlea pots are good for this purpose because they are nice and deep.
These seedlings will grow rapidly now that they don't have to compete with their siblings, so I expect to have to pot them on again in a few weeks' time before planting them in their final growing positions.

Since these Brassicas are not particularly exciting I'm going to include in my post some photos of plants that are slightly more photogenic...

Broad-leaved Thyme

Greek Oregano. (Spot the ant.)

Hardy Geranium


  1. I hope you keep those little guys well watered at the moment!

  2. They look good healthy seedlings, but be careful with them as I've seen lots of Cabbage Whites about over the last couple of days. Butterflies have been a rarity this year then all of a sudden they seem to be out in force.

  3. Aww...but I'm not ready yet Mark!
    It looks like I'll have to watch your Brassicas grow, but I'll try to be ready by next year...promise ;D
    I hope you're appreciating the good weather I managed to bring through in my sea cost a fortune but was well worth it don't you think?
    Good luck with the seedlings :D

  4. You guys are having an unusual heat wave over there right now aren't you? My friend in Kent booked a Cyprus holiday only to discover the weather was just as hot in England. I wish I could still grow Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage in my garden, but alas with anywhere between 87 to 93 Fahrenheit daytime temps it's not going to happen here in the South USA until late October and maybe November. But next season I will have two beds of Brassicas and everything else will be grown in large pots, which seems the way to go in my garden for a maximum yield. Very disappointing year for me veggie wise this year.

  5. Are yours a bit later this year Mark? I'm already eating decent size Cavolo Nero from this year's sowing.They and the sprouts, PSB and Red Ursa kale are all growing on well in three beds under netting but the small early season cabbage white butterflies just seemed to fold their wings and do a shimmy in through the netting.Keep meaning to take the nets off and have a search through for eggs/caterpillars.
    Next year I plan to try one large bed covered with a smaller(and probably more expensive)mesh.


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