Friday 25 May 2012

The Tomatoes are planted out

Hooray! The weather situation has finally allowed me to pot-up my long-suffering Tomato plants.

The plants recovered well from their Near-Death Experience (i.e. frost!) and had completely filled their little  5" pots. This is the 'A-team' before planting out:

Some of the plants already had flowers on them:

I put them all into the largest containers I have, including the 3 self-watering ones my MIL gave me for my birthday back in March.

Since I have six really good metal cane-supports I potted up six containers with tall "Cordon" varieties [that is, ones that grow tall and thin, kept slim by pinching-out their sideshoots], supported by 6-foot bamboo canes. This is what the cane-supports look like:

I also potted-up four shorter "Determinate" ones [bushy ones whose side-shoots you don't pinch out], each supported only by a 3-foot cane simply pushed into the compost.

This is what I have now:

2 x Ferline
2 x Orkado
1 x Sungold
1 x Speckled Roman

1 x San Marzano
1 x Losetto
1 x Lizzano
1 x Incas

If I can muster a couple more large containers I would like to have two "Maskotka" plants, because they have done well for me in the past - and furthermore they are Lara's favourite!

If you're wondering what growing medium I use for my tomatoes, it is simply Levington's multi-purpose compost, to which I add some pelleted chicken manure. This is what I normally use, and I seem to get good results. When the fruits start forming I will apply "Tomorite" liquid tomato-feed at approximately weekly intervals.

The last thing I want to show you today is a plant grown from seeds sent to me by the ever-generous Jo from The Good Life - it's the "Incas" one. It's looking good, Jo. Hope it gives me a good crop!

Now I just have to shuffle everything around to make space to put these Tomatoes somewhere more sensible! I like to have them close to the wall of the house, where they will be sheltered from wind and where they will benefit from the warmth retained in the bricks of the house itself. Hopefully it won't be very long now before I start harvesting new Potatoes, which will make a bit more space.


  1. They look really nice all potted up. I grew potted tomatoes one year, but swore never to do it again as they just sucked up the water. I had to water every day and traveling was a pain. And that was in a record breaking cool summer. I am so bad with watering. The plants do better for me when in the dirt.

  2. Those tomatoes have really come on in leaps and bounds

  3. I completely messed up the timing on my tomatoes this year and only sowed seed at the end of April. Some didn't germinate but that still left me with several little 3" high plants that I'm now depending on. Love the look of those pots - support and root watering in one pot, excellent. Also good to know which compost you use (love these little tips from fellow gardeners, I'm always learning!) and that you mix with chicken manure pellets. I'm going to give that a go if it works for you! PS, not sure when you changed it, but love the new header, simple, nice!

  4. It is amazing just how resilient tomatoes are - yours are looking good now - although it was touch and go. Here's to some good crops.

  5. Just planted our first six Costoluto today...well fingers crossed the nights won't go below ten c. Yours look marvellous..healthy and happy. Good luck Mark!! I've got Sungold and speckled Roman as well...both just fantastic.

  6. They are really looking nice. How fast they have grown.

  7. Good to see them comfortable in large pots. I simply love it when tomatoes flower. I gets me all excited for the fruits to come.

  8. They look great, Mark, especially considering they were damaged by the frost. The Incas looks good too, certainly much better than mine which are nowhere near being potted up to their final positions. I'm looking forward to hearing how the self watering pots do, I may have to invest in some of those myself. Thanks for the link.

  9. Very fine plants. I'm trying a few Marmande plants outside this year to complement our greenhouse crops. They have been outside all week enjoying the sunshine in pots, but I must pot them on into their final half-growbags now and lug them into position up by the house.

  10. I'll bet they were happy to escape those little pots! Given their frost ordeal the look very healthy now. A


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