Friday 18 May 2012

Ferns unfurling

I love the way Fern fronds develop. Looked at individually, they are items of considerable beauty and complexity.

In my garden I have a couple of Ferns in pots, like this:

But I also have some others (their offspring) in one of the beds, where they serve to screen the rather austere pot in which I have some climbing beans growing:

They are small at present, but they will get a lot bigger.

They remind me of the curly bit at the top of a Double Bass (called a "scroll")!

Ferns are good plants to consider if you have any awkward corners in your garden where little else will grow, because many of them will thrive in low light conditions. Some will tolerate very dry shade and some will tolerate very wet conditions. However, don't assume that all ferns are the same in this respect, and do some research before you buy any. The one I bought last year is Dryoperis Erythrosora, which is one that will do OK in dry conditions. Its young foliage is a lovely bronze colour, gradually turning to green as it matures.


  1. Wow, I like the bronze colored one. Unfortunately I have never seen any ferns for sale here except Boston ferns. Maybe I could purchase some online...I like the way you have them in front of that pot.

  2. I was only admiring our young fern fronds the other day. They are certainly fascinating.

  3. I always think there is something gentle and somehow innocent about ferns unfurling...

  4. The bronze fern is an eye catcher. It add a beautiful contrast to the green in the background.

  5. I am surprised that they do well in pots Mark - I always though they preferred damp conditions.

  6. They are lovely ferns. I am encouraged to start growing them in pots.
    And I also like the idea of covering only a small portion of the pot where seedlings are growing!

  7. They are just emerging now? They certainly are photogenic!

  8. David; Yes, the ferns are only just beginning to unfurl. A bit later than usual, I would say...


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