Friday 4 May 2012

Bacon and mushrooms on toast

Here's an idea for an easy snack meal that can be ready in 10 minutes...

Take a few mushrooms, a couple of rashers of bacon and a slack handful of fresh parsley:

Heat a small quantity of cooking oil (I used Rapeseed) in a frying pan. While the oil is heating, slice the mushrooms, dice the bacon and chop the parsley.

Add the bacon to the pan and fry for a couple of minutes until it begins to brown slightly. Add the mushrooms and cook for a further two minutes.

Toast a piece of granary bread.

When the toast is ready, add the chopped parsley to the pan with the bacon and mushrooms and mix it in.

In the time it takes you to butter the toast, the parsley will have wilted. It is now time to serve the dish.

Put the toast on your plate and pile the bacon etc onto it, like so:-

There you are, it's ready to go. Probably quicker, and certainly nicer, than popping down to Greggs' for a pasty!

I didn't photograph this aspect of the proceedings, but I added a generous dollop of tomato ketchup to the dish before eating it...


  1. Well now who wouldn't like bacon and mushrooms? But I have never made it this way and appreciate the idea.

  2. I've just eaten my dinner, but that bacon makes me drool!

  3. Mark, that kind of reminds me of "Hot Browns" famous in Kentucky, especially at Kentucky Derby time, which is tomorrow! I just came from the grocer with ingredients for the Hot Browns. It is sliced baked turkey on toast covered with Mornay sauce wih sliced plum tomatoes and crisp fried bacon on top, sll broiled until golden brown under the broiler. Garnished with a bit of spring green onion, fresh ground pepper and parsley. In Kentucky they would add thin Country Ham, which is special cured ham, but I am watching the salt, so must leave something off. As my son-in-law says, "I do so like American bacon", which by the way, is different from English bacon. It is very thin, in narrow strips and fries up crisp, while English bacon is what is known here as "Canadian" bacon. All of it is YUMMY, though. Your sandwich looks delightful! For the Hot Brown recipe, look up on the net and you can find it, if interested.

  4. I love mushrooms and bacon on toast....guess what I'm having for breakfast ;D
    It's taken me about three years to get over the fact that the bacon here isn't the same as in the UK!
    Must go....I can smell the bacon...(drool, drool)
    Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to ~ enjoy :D

  5. Mmmm Bacon! Can never go wrong with bacon :) Cheers, Jenni

  6. Butter as well - I bet it would be good even without the butter. Did you make your own ketchup?

  7. Just had breakfast, but now I want this!

  8. Simply delicou. I'm gilding the lily and adding a poached egg on top!

  9. Delicious, though it'd be brown sauce for me rather than ketchup.

  10. What a good breakfast. Mushrooms and bacon on toast take some beating!


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