Tuesday 29 May 2012

Birth of a Bean

Here are some close-up pictures of the early days of some beans:-

Beans at this stage grow so rapidly, you can almost see them change within a few minutes - certainly overnight.

This is how my Broad Beans were looking last Thursday when I left home:

Maybe by now those flowers will have faded and given way to tiny little pods??? I hope so.


  1. So did you sniff the flowers and get a whiff of that lovely perfume.

  2. Your favas are at about the same state as mine. Though a few of mine are just covered in black aphids. It happens every year.

  3. The smile of joy these photos brought to my face demonstrates just what a kitchen garden junkie I am... :D

  4. Wow isn't nature an amazing thing? ;D

  5. I love the progress of the bean. I can't believe I ever thought that flowers were prettier that veggie flowers.

  6. Wonderful!
    My broad beans have just popped through this week.

    1. Mine too - beans are fabulous to watch growing aren't they?

  7. I've got my climbing French beans planted out now, I'm hoping we've seen the last of the frosts. It's amazing how fast beans grow.

  8. Is that first one Dragons tongue?

  9. I like to grow broad beans. Now the best time to sow them but I don't think it will produce before we pack up. So I look forward to your harvest.


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