Thursday 17 May 2012


A progress report:

Well, they are growing...  Just like everything else, they are not particularly happy to have been kept indoors so much. Despite my best efforts, my plants just do not get enough light when kept on a windowsill. Nevertheless they are looking reasonably good, and the first flowers are now appearing.

In this tray I have arranged the plants in pairs. The two at the left are "Fuego F1"; the two centre ones are "Hot Portugal" and the two at the right are "Amando". What a big difference in size there is.

And these even smaller ones are the two best of my so-called "Turkey" chillis.

Keeping the plants in such small pots will not do them any good. The compost must be just about devoid of nutrients by now, so into some bigger pots they must go...

That's more like it! The green pots are 12 inches in diameter.

When I show you how densely matted the rootball of one of these plants is, I think you will understand why they need to be potted on:

I have put the re-potted chillis in the plastic Seedling Greenhouse, because I am worried by the prospect of cold night-time temperatures still. The two "Turkey" plants are in the smaller terracotta coloured pots at the front. They will have to be re-potted again when they get bigger (and when some bigger pots are released for use - maybe when the daffodil bulbs have completely withered...?)

The potato plants that were formerly in the Seedling Greenhouse have been evicted and now live along the back of the gas barbecue. They are big enough to fend for themselves now, (unless we get any more frost...).

P.S. We have had really cold night-time temperatures the last two nights. Overnight Tuesday/Wednesday we had zero degrees. I had to scrape ice off my car windscreen on Wednesday morning - in the middle of May! Fortunately I had taken precautions - e.g. I had brought my Tomato plants indoors, and covered some other things with fleece - so hopefully no real harm has been done.


  1. I always feel for you, having to cope with such awful weather. Hope you get some sunshine and warmth soon. Almost winter here now and no chance of 0 degrres

  2. Wow you are getting some really cold weather aren't you? We have been above average most of the year. I planted out my tomato plant today. I think our last frost was in early April. Usually it is much later in April

  3. Chilly evenings here too. Hasn't been much of a Spring in terms of sun and heat. Your chilies are coming on nicely. I'm always surprise that you grow potatoes in the pots; it shows they don't need huge grow bags to get a harvest. I liked your radish post (a few posts) back. So many plants could just as easy be grown from seed rather than bought. Suppose the radishes get sold to those who haven't grown from seed before? Or maybe the ole 'random purchase' tendency kicks in. So glad I grow from seed.

  4. Those damned cold nights! Last spring this time of year I could sleep out in the hammock, but we're still seeing night temperatures down to 3C, which means that we might yet see a surprise frost.

  5. Your pepper plants look so great. My orange bell pepper has only started to bloom and only today morning did I see a small pepper forming. Your potatoes look really grown now.

    I hope the temperature picks up there. We had rain and cold weather here too for a week (I am not complaining because it felt great to have the temperature seduce after a scorching summer.)

  6. The chillies are looking nice and healthy. I too have turfed the potatoes out of the greenhouse to fend for themselves, there just isn't the room for them anymore.

  7. I wonder if we will get spring in summer or whether winter will just continue all year round.

  8. I think those chillies look great, especially considering how much time they've spent indoors. Hope fruit follows those flowers.

  9. You can almost hear the chilli's collective sigh and stretching of legs...or should I say roots?
    I don't think I like hearing about the UK weather this doesn't make me want to rush back, that's for sure...but then I'm a Brit so ever hopeful... so maybe June will be glorious?!!?!

    We had a temperature of 19 degrees...not bad for autumn eh?
    Sorry it's not nice to gloat.
    Have a great weekend and hopefully the sun will shine ;D

  10. Odd weather this year here too, first hot, then cold , now quite dry.... better reason than ever to collect rain water. Your chillis look great!


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