Friday 11 May 2012

Close-up gallery

This post is more about art than gardening. It is a selection of photos homing-in on the best visual aspects of some of the plants in my garden. On this occasion I have chosen to frame the photos just to emphasise that these are intended to be elements of a "visual essay" rather than just some pictures of flowers and leaves.

Golden Hops




Libertia Chilensis

Bronze Maple seedling

Good King Henry




Bronze Fennel



  1. Lovely photos - it must have been warmer at your end of the country as here you would have had camera shake from shivering

  2. Very nice, artistic photos, Mark.

  3. Mmmm. gorgeous, atmospheric photos! Such a lovely selection - Callicarpa is one of my favourite plants and the rosemary flowers are lush! The fluffiness of new fennel reminds me of car wash brushes, although mine is looking a wind bashed at the moment (hope it will recover). What lens are you using Mark? You're macro shots are so lovely and sharp.

    1. Caro, my camera is an Olympus E-450 DSLR and all those photos were taken with the ordinary standard 14-42mm lens, not the Macro. To be honest, the standard is so good that I seldom use the macro!

  4. Stunning photos Mark...I love them all but have to say the Clematis is my favourite.
    You're very in touch with you're arty side today. You'll be drawing and painting next!
    Have a wonderful weekend ~ I hope the sun shines for you ;D

  5. You are a gifted photographer Mark. What lovely pictures. Thank you.

  6. Truly beautiful photos Mark-I particularly liked the ones of the rhubarb and the bronze fennel as I could almost feel their texture but all were superb!

  7. I love the colour of the wallflowers, I wish I'd grown some now.

  8. Heya, do you happen to know if the Rosemary flowers are edible? They're lovely and look a bit like Borage flowers. I'm going to check, but I thought you might know offhand. Oh, and also, the pictures are stunning, I think that was the consensus of what the "appropriate" comments were. = )Thanks for the post!

  9. Hi KeriAnne; Thanks for visiting. I don't know if Rosemary flowers are edible, but I expect they are. I advise you to try them in small quantities and see!

  10. A lovely exhibition! Perfect way to start the day with a cup of coffee and these studies...

  11. Some really great photos, especially the rosemary and fennel!


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