Tuesday 15 May 2012

Radishes - the new Black Truffles

Shopping in my local Asda supermarket yesterday I spotted this:

In amongst the rack-after-rack of  "Any 3 for £5"  flowers and veg plants there were trays of radishes. On closer inspection I found that each tray contained just six radish plants (i.e. radishes)! Who do they think they are kidding? At that price, the humble radish is elevated to the status of the Black Truffle, sought after by gourmets the world over. You can buy a packet of radish seeds, containing literally hundreds of seeds, for as little as 49p; you can even buy a 250g pack of mature ready-to-eat radishes in the same Asda store for just 52p, so who on earth is going to buy six radish plants at £2? Do they think that radish plants turn into bushes, producing dozens of fruits, like chillies? After all, you even have to grow them yourself - and we all know that transplanted radishes are practically guaranteed to bolt! Notice too the "Grown in the UK" sticker and the Union Flag. Surely this is pushing patriotism too far, even in the Diamond Jubilee year.

Just to put the whole thing in perspective, how much would you be prepared to pay for THIS tray of radishes?

I'll start the bidding at £50...

As it happens, I harvested the first couple of radishes from that box yesterday.

Yes, literally two, but these things are so VALUABLE you have to treat them with respect, and not over-indulge.I considered them worthy of VIP treatment, so I lifted out a stylish white dish to present them on:

Here they are, lovingly prepared by my own fair hand:

Joking apart, I can in all honesty say that I think these home-grown radishes were perfect examples of the genre: crisp, juicy and slightly peppery - worth every bit of the 33p each I would have had to pay if I had been daft enough to buy Asda's ridiculous offering!

I think this just goes to show that there must be some very gullible people out there, thoroughly taken in by the magic words "Grow Your Own"!

Right now, must dash, I'm off to Asda to pick up a six-pack of Black Truffles. I hear they are on Buy-One-Get-One-Free this week, at £2 a throw...(while stocks last).

P.S. This one is a genuine bargain. I bought all three of these lovely Geranium plants for £5 (not at Asda though). I particularly like the one with the variegated leaves.


  1. That's shocking!! :O
    I've just starting harvesting radishes myself. And I did not pay Asda prices! Although I do seem to be sharing my harvests with a few slugs, bugs and woodland mice. :)

  2. That is so funny. I found about the same thing a couple of years ago when I was looking for seed potatoes. I called around looking for a variety and one place said they had it. So I went over. They had single seed potatoes all packed up in plastic and sawdust. Already chitted. The package of one cost $5. And you would get one plant out of it. No way would you get enough potatoes back to even pay for the price of that one gold planted seed potato. Last year I bought a whole two pounds of seed potato for less than that price and it filled a whole 4'x 8' bed. The other weird things I see are Asian greens and cilantro being sold. All in flower. You would think the nursery would know enough to take them off the shelves once they bolt. But they never do. I'm sure there are unsuspecting gardeners that would buy them not knowing how the plants grow.

  3. Those radishes look spectacular and the geraniums a great buy

  4. Well after a few days away and no internet access I had to have a quick look at my favourite blogs on my return and first up was yours Mark-and what a good giggle it gave me!! I do think you should write to Asda and see if they can justify that pricing...

  5. He he he, very entertaining. I wonder how many they actually sold? Yours looks very good, perfect spheres, unlike those ones which will probably fork once someone transplants them.

  6. That's Asda price! Sorry, couldn't resist. Not surprised you left them on the shelf, but you got a good deal on the geraniums.

  7. Horribly crazy. :/ After work this morning I was checking out the cost of radishes. Actually I was after black berries for breakfast pancakes but eh. Hmm, recall it being a dollar for a bunch. Quite the coincidence coming home to your posting Mark.

    - Cloud

  8. I don't have much luck growing round radish as pretty as yours.

  9. Your radish looks so good! Here we only get the white mooli variety. I should order some seeds of these pink ones for the next sowing season.

  10. I love a good radish dipped in melted butter and salt. Yum. There are poor unfortunates who don't know one end of the veg garden from the other and probably think that is how you should buy radishes. I am growing multi-coloured ones this year for a change - will be interesting to see how they turn out.

  11. I always grow my own radish at home, at the super-market they are so expensive. And it is so easy like you said, to grow them.
    You should try to eat also the leaves of the radish in your salad, it is really good.


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