Friday 27 January 2012

Still harvesting chillis...

First an apology: Due to further health problems (The Fibromyalgia is still pretty bad, and now I have a huge cold) I have not felt much like blogging, so my comments on other people's blogs have been very sparse the last few days, and I have not responded to your comments on mine. I'm sorry about that. Furthermore, whether I manage to produce any material for posts of my own over the next few days is seriously in doubt. Don't worry though folks, I'm not not giving up just yet... This post that follows is one that I prepared a couple of days ago.

At the weekend I removed the three all-but-defunct chilli plants that were in my plastic mini-greenhouses. They were my least favourite ones (the lucky three other plants are still in the garage and may survive to grow again).

There were still a few fruits on the plants, which I picked before cutting the plants into pieces and putting them in the compost bin.

They are not prize specimens, are they? But to be honest I'm amazed to get any at all at the end of January.

I'm just about ready to start sowing new chilli seeds. I've resolved not to sow them until at least the beginning of February. This year I shall be sowing "Amando F1" as well as three varieties that performed well for me in 2011:- "Hot Portugal", "Fuego F1" and "Pinocchio's Nose".

All six types of chilli that I grew in 2011 produced very mild fruits. This may have been because of the weather (we had a very grey Summer, with precious little sunshine), but I have heard that being too kind to chillis can have the effect of making them bland, so maybe I was too generous with the water and the plant-food? This year I think I will be a bit harsher and force them to earn their place in my garden!

Who else is growing chillis? If you are, what varieties have you got? And has anyone (especially in the UK) sowed their chilli seeds yet?


  1. Fibromyalgia is horrid. Do hope you find a way to ease it. You have grown so many peppers, I'm wondering if you ever have a meal without them.

  2. My bout of FM lasted two years so I hope yours doesn't last that long - I suppose I will succumb to growing chillis again this year but we never get through them all - I just like the look of them in the greenhouse.

    1. Elaine; I have had FM since at least 2007, and probably earlier. I understand that it is something I will be stuck with for the rest of my days. Sometimes it is bad, sometimes it's OK, but my recent flare-up has lasted about 6 weeks, and is the worst I have ever experienced. I sincerely hope that your 2-year bout was not of similar severity!!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. I really hope you are feeling better soon. And your chilies look fabulous for January. I can only dream of chilies at that time of the year.

  5. I am sorry to hear you are not well Mark. Take it easy. I am a chilli convert but I have no idea what I am growing. My seeds were given to me by my neighbour.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. Interestingly I am finding my plants are producing hotter fruits this year (their second or in some cases third)it has been a bit warmer but I'm wondering if the maturity of the plants makes a difference.

  7. Mark, so sorry to learn you are not in good health. Hope you feel better really soon.

  8. Fibromyalgia sounds so debilitating Mark, and to have to suffer it for so long must be really trying at times. I hope you have some relief soon.

    I'm about to post a good recipe for tomato soup (not that we need it here with 34 degrees today) and although its not chicken soup ~ one of the most popular meals when feeling unwell ~ it might just hit the spot.
    Look after yourself and hopefully you'll be feeling 100% asap ;D

  9. Hi Mark,
    So sorry indeed to hear you are still suffering and hope this current bout will be over sooner rather than later.
    My very best regards-and get well soon!

  10. Mark, I hope you get well soon.
    While I know your question about sowing chilli seeds were directed at those who live in cooler climes, I just wanted to tell you how here in my place (in South India), chillies sprout like weeds. In fact when I got back from my holiday last month, a large chilly plant was flourishing in one of the containers. I have no idea how it came about there. This year was our coldest winter in 10 years; it touched a low of 17 C! Not great for chillies but I'm hoping to harvest some carrots for the first time.

  11. I'm sorry to hear that you're still suffering with the Fibromyalgia, I hope you get some relief from it soon. If you can manage to keep the chilli plants which are in the greenhouse going, it will be interesting to see if there's any difference to the chills you get from them this year.

  12. Here's one I prepared earlier - now where have I heard that before. I guessed that you weren't well Mark as you were missed!
    As for not sowing 'til February I'm sure that you can hang on until next week!

  13. Peppers! In the Winter!
    Best wishes for improved health.
    Lea's Menagerie
    Mississippi, USA

  14. Oh fibromyalgia is awful, my cousin was diagnosed with it recently. I hope you are feeling bettter soon! I have tried to grow chillis several times, all unsuccessfully! Not sure where I go wrong, I always like to blame the weather! I shall be back here for some tips!

  15. So sorry to hear that you are suffering with an FM flare-up, they are not the nicest things in the world. As for the cold, I hope that it clears soon.

    My Chilli plant still has leaves and fruit on it. I have no idea what sort it is, my local flower seller gave it to me. All I can tell you is that the fruit are about 2cm long and are yellow with a thick skin. Good flavour.

  16. Gosh, you have done well with your chilli plants. I ended up 'giving up' on mine, the chilli's were so small. Hopefully this year I will do better, although they are not something I use a great deal so I'll only grow a couple of plants.

  17. It'll be interesting to see if you can get them strong for next summer and get a second season out of them!

  18. Hi Mark, just reading over some of your posts. I grew Chilli Pepper (Hot) Cayenne but as you know I didn't have great success with them as I pinched the main growing tip in early spring (way too early), stunted their growth, and they were finsished by Sept. Even so I harvested a good number of peppers however they were not in the least bit hot so i was quite disappointed as that's the reason I grew them. They say the more sun the plants get, the hotter they are. Maybe not enough sun in the UK? Interesting to hear your plants weren't very hot either. Great you have harvested over so many months.

    I've had a bad cold too, seems to be going around. Hope you're better soon.


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