Monday 21 February 2011

Satsuma fungus?

Whilst out in the garden the other day I noticed some bright orange splashes on the larchlap fence panels, which are sodden from all the recent rain. Inspecting more closely, I found that I was looking at some patches of fungus, so out came the camera...

I have been trying to identify this fungus / mould. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think it is Calonectria Pyrachoa.

As I often do, I zoomed some of the photos I took. The individual nodules of this fungus look just like miniature citrus fruits, so I have nicknamed it the Satsuma fungus!

Now wouldn't some of that look nice growing next to some lovely green moss? I wonder if I could transplant it? No, probably not; these things only seem to grow wherever and whenever you don't want them to.

I have had so many comments about the worms in my compost bins that I want to make something clear: the worms moved in of their own accord. I did not purchase any worms! Perhaps because we tend to eat pretty well, our compost bins reflect this, so therefore all the Foodie worms for miles around head for our property!

For all you worm-lovers out there (Kelli?), here's another photo... I think these stripey red ones are called Brandlings, aren't they?


  1. The appearance of the fungus exactly reminds us of Satsuma, which is my favorite fruit!
    Actually, now I'm peeling a satuma to enjoy the sweet taste.

  2. Wow what cool looking moss! I'm amazed at your worms. I thought you must have put some in yourself.

  3. I have never seen this kind of fungus...
    Those worms are working pretty hard!

  4. I was wondering had you purchased some worms at some stage. Worm party at yours... that is one big family. The fungus reminds me of the Britain's Embarrassing Bodies show, someone last week had something like that growing on their legs. Yikes.

  5. A worm city by the looks of things, my bins look the same. Lets hope it's a sign that the weather is warming up. The worms do an excellent job.

  6. Wow look at those fatty worms. Our worm seems to disappear after we have 40+degree Celcius. Hopefully they come back.


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