Thursday, 25 February 2016

What's new?

Every time I go out in the garden I see more little patches of green. Winter is fading and the weather is edging slowly towards Spring...

Little clumps of fresh Chives are popping up.

It won't be long before there are enough to justify snipping a few to bring into the kitchen. I was making a tomato salad, and I just couldn't resist snipping a few Chives to go on it!

The first batch of peas has come up now. These are "Early Onward". I sowed them in a pot, which has been protected by one of my little mini-greenhouses.

When they are big enough, I'll plant them in one of the raised beds. Hopefully this will mean I get a small crop very early on. I'll be sowing some more seeds in the raised bed in due course, for my main crop.

I have potted-on some of those little Hellebores that I grew from seed pinched from the stately home. They will do better in fresh compost, and without competition from their siblings.

Hellebore seedlings are easy to identify once their first true leaves appear. The leaves have a distinctive saw-toothed edge.

At the rate things are going, I'll soon have the borders full of Hellebores!


  1. Signs of spring - lovely. I was outside a few days ago and saw some daffodil foliage peaking up out of the soil - but since then we've had snow and freezing rain, so nothing but brown and white once again.

  2. I wonder what colour those hellebores will be? We watched our first spring lambs today.

    1. Yes, I wonder too. That's part of the attraction - a seed "Lucky Dip"!

  3. Always nice to see some early Spring growth.

  4. Mmm, tomato salad with chives :) I'm looking forward to my chives, although I think I've still got a couple of weeks left to wait before they're big enough to pick.


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