Monday, 1 February 2016

Harvest Monday - 1st February 2016

February already! It will soon be Spring (and the sooner the better, if you ask me.)

My over-Wintering crops are diminishing rapidly, but I have still managed to get a few odds and ends, like this batch of Spring Onions Leeks.

Just like all their predecessors, they are very slim. It's a good job I planted lots of them. We wouldn't normally expect to eat 10 Leeks in one sitting, but we did this time. They went into a Chicken, Mushroom and Leek risotto.

Perversely, some of the biggest Leeks have been the spares which I planted in containers after the best ones had been put into one of the raised beds.

The PSB has been good, if early. Two of my three plants have already yielded their main crop, but they are not finished yet because they have lots of lovely side-shoots. Like these ones seen alongside some spears of Brokali:

Brokali "Endeavour" (Left) and secondary shots of PSB (Right)
The shoots of the Brokali look very similar to the PSB, except that they are green.

Unfortunately the Brokali cooks quicker than the thick parts of the PSB, so if we want to eat them at the same time the PSB has to go into the pan a couple of minutes before the Brokali. The blue-grey leaves of the Brokali look nice too - very reminiscent of Cavolo Nero (Lacinato Kale).

There is still a little bit of salad to be had occasionally, such as this Oakleaf lettuce. At this time of year the lettuces are always insubstantial, not like their "beefy" Summer siblings.

This is my contribution to Harvest Monday, which is being hosted again by Dave at Our Happy Acres, fresh back from his holiday in the sun!


  1. Lovely harvests even if the leeks weren't what you expected. Those leaves from the Brokali sure give a hint to it's parentage, plus they look very much edible too!

  2. It's interesting how different varieties of brokali express their parentage in different ways. The leaves from the one you are growing are quite different from the smooth leaves of the varieties that I've grown. I wonder how the flavor would compare.

  3. Wonderful harvests - I'll actually be sowing my leeks this week. Last year I didn't get them going until March as they were a last minute addition to the plan, so I'm hoping that the earlier start will mean bigger leeks this year.

  4. I am impressed with your steady supply of fresh vegetables. We need to make another visit soon to replenish our supplies.


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