Saturday, 13 February 2016

Potato Ricer

You need one of these. Seriously, you NEED one of these! Although it looks like something from the inventory of the Spanish Inquisition, it's probably the most effective kitchen gadget ever invented. It's a Potato Ricer.

It's called a Ricer because when you process potatoes with it, the finished product comes out in little "grains" a bit like rice. It works just like a Garlic-press. It has a removable metal bowl whose base has multiple small-diameter perforations.

This is THE device for making the perfect mashed potato. You boil your potatoes in the usual way, and when they are cooked you spoon them individually (perhaps 2 at a time if they are small ones)into the metal bowl of the Ricer and squish them through the perforations. The long handles and robust geared mechanism mean that remarkably little effort is required. It takes a bit longer than usual to make a batch of mash, but it is definitely worth the extra time, because you get the smoothest mash imaginable. Guaranteed no lumps!

This one of ours is a professional-standard one, and is very strongly built. The only other one we have had failed dismally. The handles were so flimsy that they bent irretrievably the first time we used the device!

This one is called a "Chef'n Freshforce Potato Ricer". It is priced at about £25 - £30, depending on where you shop. You can currently get it from Amazon for £25.16. Well worth the money, in my opinion.

You can also use the Ricer for processing Celeriac, Swede, Parsnips etc, though I must add that due to the fibrous nature of those vegetables, it is harder work to pass them through the device.

We have quite a few gadgets in our kitchen, but they have to be good if they are to be retained. Some things get used once and quickly discarded (e.g. a Spiralizer), but if something is good, we use it again and again. We still have a garlic-crusher that was a wedding present (we're just coming up to our 39th anniversary)! I also cite as an example of a worthwhile gadget the "Mouli-Legumes" thing that we use for crushing and sieving tomatoes. It is only used at certain times of the year, but we wouldn't want to be without it these days.

What's your favourite kitchen gadget?


  1. Got one & it does do a wonderful job with potatoes. That last gadget, we call it a food mill, is on my wish list. And you are quite right about quality - it's worth investing in sturdy pieces. They not only last a lifetime but make for a pleasurable rather than frustrating job.

  2. Hi Mark, I love my ricer. I cook whole unpeeled potatoes in the microwave. When they are done I cut them in half and put them through the ricer. No peeling. The hotter they are the easier to push through. Then just take a fork and take out the skin. This also works on applesauce. It's smooth not chunky but again no peeling. Love your blog.

    1. Hmm, leaving the skins on the potatoes must save a lot of time and labour. I must try that.

  3. Have an old one found at car boot sale, red wooden handle nicely worn, likely from the 40's. Not only as you say, does it makes the best mashed potatoes with no lumps...they are never 'gluey' as my old way of doing them sometimes was. I sometimes put in a spoonful of cream cheese after they have been riced. OHMY!

  4. I did love the texture of potatoes using the ricer, but mine wasn't as fancy. It did not come apart so I found it a pain to clean afterwards and gave it away. Might try again with a fancier version.

  5. We have the same ricer! It makes perfect potatoes, especially when blended with warm butter, salt, and cream. Great tool!

  6. making much faster using a potato ricer because you can bypass peeling your spuds. I usually rice them straight onto my plate then top with butter. Yum

  7. I've had a potato ricer for some years now. A german co-worker recommended one to me and I was won over straight away. Mine is a basic white plastic model.
    You look like your's is the Rolls Royce of ricers.
    Maybe it's time I upgraded.
    Hopefully you're not snowed in... we're currently are having quite a few flurries.


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