Monday 22 February 2016

Harvest Monday - 22nd Feb 2016

My harvest this week is feeble. Just a few salad leaves!

They were not enough to make a complete salad on their own, so they were boosted with some shop-bought stuff - Little Gem lettuce, Watercress, Radishes and Mustard-and-Cress.

This salad was the "Salade aux Lardons" that we had with our special meal on Saturday evening. Here you see it shortly after the dressing was added. The dressing is made with fried lardons (bacon or pancetta cubes), to which some sharp red wine vinegar is added. When you pour the dressing over the salad, the leaves wilt a bit, so you have to eat up quickly!

I haven't harvested any more PSB, because we are still using up what I cut last weekend. Here is some being served with our roast beef and Yorkshire pudding...

It will be some while before I get any more significant harvests from my garden. I am now in sowing and planting mode, not harvesting.

A late addition to my post: I snipped a handful of fresh young Chives to add to a tomato salad. I reckon that counts as a harvest, don't you?

Why not drop by Our Happy Acres and see if Dave or anyone else has had some harvests this week.


  1. Of course chives counts as a harvest! I would be more than grateful for a few lettuce leaves from the garden right about now. Thanks to a few of above seasonal days, all the snow has melted but we are sadly still a couple of months away from enjoying freshly harvested greens.

  2. I really enjoy salads with wilted greens, and yours sounds (and looks)tasty. And I would love to have some fresh chives about now, since my potted ones in the greenhouse are dormant right now!

  3. It's more than we harvested although I did pick a few sprigs of mint with which to make a beetroot and mint dip/side salad.

  4. Feeble? More than what I've harvested. The salad looks delicious and you always present your food in such lovely dishes.

  5. Your roast beef and Yorkshire pudding looks so amazing with your long broccoli florets. I don't think my husband has ever had Yorkshire pudding, which is a real shame because he's missing out.

  6. Your plates look wonderful as always. I haven't wanted a salad for a while now but yours makes me want one now. I am thinking about planting a garden this year but I just don't know if I will yet. Still not enough sun here. :(

  7. Definitely anything you can harvest in the middle of winter counts! Your salad looks delicious.


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