Thursday, 18 February 2016

Brussels Sprouts: second-cropping

It's not been a brilliant year for Brussels Sprouts. I had a decent crop, but nothing remarkable. Some of the sprouts split, which I put down to weather conditions:

Some of the split sprouts looked reasonably OK, and were duly picked and eaten, but the worst-damaged ones were left on the plants. They have now "blossomed", by which I mean opened out, to become like little cabbages;

If left to their own devices, I'm sure these sprouts will soon produce flowers, but I'm not going to give them that opportunity.

I plan to pick them and cook them up just as if they were miniature cabbages.

They will need a bit of careful preparation, but I reckon there will be enough for a decent meal for two. Very brief cooking will probably be appropriate.

It's interesting how the four plants, each a different variety, have produced very different-shaped mini cabbages. The leaves of this one are very crinkly.

These on the other hand have very smooth, rounded edges.


  1. So my question is - what is the difference between eating the worst split sprouts before or after they "bloom"? Do they become more palatable after they open up?

  2. Our sprout buttons are still growing fatter.

  3. I don't know. The split ones didn't look very nice and I wasn't going to pick them at all, but now that they have opened they look more palatable.

  4. I never got to sample the sprouts I grew last year, we gave up the plot before they were ready but they were looking promising. They will have been a bonus for whoever took on the plot after us just as we enjoyed all the parsnips which were left behind by those who had the plot just before we got it.


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