Monday, 8 February 2016

Harvest Monday - 8th February 2016

The third and last of my PSB plants reached its peak this past week. This is "Early Purple Sprouting".

PSB "Early Purple Sprouting"

I harvested some really fine spears from it. They are the ones on the right in this photo below:

In this next photo you can see some of the spears just before cutting:

I also harvested some more spears from the "Red Spear" plant. They are the ones at lower Right here. They are much darker than the pale "Early Purple Sprouting" ones - but still not red!

I also got another batch of Brussels Sprouts. These ones are "Cromwell":

They are quite small, and of course the outer leaves look a bit manky, but I'm sure they will be nice when prepared for cooking.

On Saturday I pulled up the last of my container-grown Leeks, the "Apollo" ones:

All I can say is that by this year's standard they were "not bad". Still a lot smaller than I would have liked, but considering that they were basically leftovers, they have done all right.

This is my contribution to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave over on Our Happy Acres, so please visit him and see what other people have been harvesting this week.


  1. So much like purples sprouting broccoli. And being a culinary heathen often eat it with cheese sauce.

    New blog -

  2. The PBS looks fantastic! I was very tempted to try Brussels sprouts this year, but decided against it. I want to limit the number of new veg I grow and have settled on four including parsnips & napa cabbage, which is more than enough.

    I'll be sowing most of my alliums, including some new varieties of leeks, this week. I love this time of year - we have a fresh start with so much possibility in those little packets of seeds.

  3. Your PSB looks really good, I hope I get some from my plants this year.

  4. I'm always impressed by your PSB harvests! I really need to see if I can find one that can deals with our winter weather.

  5. You always do well with PSB. Did you manage to keep the whitefly away?

  6. I guess I didn't have to worry about not seeing your PSB harvests in February, given the early start they made. Very nice.


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