Thursday 6 December 2012

Before and After

Plants look different according to the weather and light conditions, don't they? What I have for you today is some "contrasts".

These Strawberry plants in their Autumn colours were photographed mid-afternoon on a sunny November day - in other words, just before it went dark! (It gets dark here at about four-o-clock these days).

I'm particularly proud of this next photo. I really like the contrast of the deep russet leaves with the murky black background.

Here are the same Strawberry plants a couple of days later, mid-morning, after a sharp frost.

This is a close-up of the fruits. I somehow don't think they will ever make it to maturity!

This is one of my Curly Endives in the bright sunshine (with a bit of Parsley muscling-in on the shot).

Here's the same Endive on a frosty morning last weekend, with its leaves outlined in ice crystals.

The Cavolo Nero is interesting in any conditions:  above zero...

or below zero...

Like many other bloggers I know, I tend to treat my photographs as a pictorial garden diary. This is one of the reasons I take so many photos. It helps me to gauge progress, especially in relation to a similar crop in a previous year. In addition to the photos I also keep a simple list of sowing dates. I keep meaning to enhance this with the addition of harvesting dates  - but I never seem to get round to it, because there is always something more interesting (or more urgent) to do!


  1. Photos really do make a good record and show how things were far better than any written diary.

  2. Plants can change in a matter of days according to the weather. I used to have a written gardening diary, but I now use my blog to record my sowing dates. I try to mention when something's been sown.

  3. Interesting photographs with nice detail. Its always a good idea to have photographic records of progress. Which reminds me that many of my plant markers were left in situ, this year, so that I could take them up in one batch to record the details. They are still there, so good thing I also took plenty of photographs.


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