Saturday 1 October 2011

The Summer Savory hands on the baton

The Summer Savory has more or less come to the end of the road.

A few weeks ago it was covered in tiny mauve flowers, looking a bit like Thyme.

The plants have now gone a deep purple colour, and the leaves, formerly soft and thin are small and tough - definitely no longer useful in the kitchen.

The much slower-growing Winter Savory is taking the lead now. It is a hardy perennial and will be able to survive the cold conditions of our Winter. Its leaves are long and thin and deliciously aromatic - a bit like a creeping variety of Rosemary.

Here are two cousins side-by-side.


  1. Must admit to never using savory. What does it taste like and what do you use it in?

  2. Sue; Summer Savory works really well with beans and with pork. You can use it like you might use Sage. Winter Savory is a bit like Rosemary. Nice chopped up fine and sprinkled over some saute potatoes.

  3. I seem to remember reading about savory on your blog early in the year and promising to have a go with it myself. Ah well, maybe next year!


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