Saturday, 14 April 2018


Hello Everybody, I'm currently having big problems with my blog, which appears to have been hacked or infected with a virus or something - although my anti-virus program shows my computer to be clear.

If any of you are having any issues with opening my posts or with being unable to see the photos, please can you leave me a Comment and let me know what you see?

Jane, who is also an Author on my blog appears to be unaffected, so maybe this is to do with my Blogger Account?

By the way, this particular post deliberately includes no photos. Thanks!

Update at 1530 on Sat 14 Apr: The problem is now SORTED! It turns out to have been that my anti-virus program was being over cautious and interpreted some changes in Blogger as being a threat. Some changes to settings have resolved the issue. My thanks to those people who tried to help via comments.


  1. I do not see any photos on this post - just text that is divided into 3 parts (like there should be photos in between), but no photos
    Hope you can get your problems resolved soon

  2. Your blog looks fine and normal from here.

    Tracy from New York

  3. The blog also looks ok to me. I know that the lady who write the blog Weaver of Grass, had problems with blogger and not being able to comment. Here is the link.

  4. Looks good to me too.

  5. I have not had a problem with your blog and mine is ok unaffected at the momemnt

  6. Oh the trials of blog problems! Sensible move to ask people if they could see your blog OK, as it helps to pinpoint where the problem may lie. Glad to hear you've fixed it now - these things are such a time suck when they happen!


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