Monday, 2 April 2018

My Courtmoor plot at the end of March

Having spent most of my time at the plot during the Winter carrying out preparatory digging, it has been a relief to get some planting done! I now have 27 Broad Bean plants in and growing away, and at home I have another little batch of 4 spares coming on, which will probably end up here too.

I have planted them in a double row, and given each one a stick for support. Here you can see them at the left of the photo, right at the end of the plot. This is the North-East end, so the long side of the rows faces South-West.

Next to the Broad Beans I now have three ridges for potatoes, though only one and a half ridges are planted-up so far. The other one and a half are ready for the Maincrop spuds, which I plan to plant in the second week of April.

The Raspberry canes are all "done" now - pruned, weeded and mulched.

The Blackcurrant bushes by the fence are springing into action too, with lots of leaves beginning to open.

Back at my own garden I have lots of brassica seedlings coming along in pots, and some leeks, but it will be several weeks before they are ready for taking up to the Courtmoor plot. It's much easier for me to nurture them at home until they are big enough to fend for themselves.

One other significant development: I have discovered where water for the plot can be obtained. There is a big water-butt concealed behind a greenhouse and garage, in a place where I haven't been before. I haven't seen any sign of an outdoor tap, though I have seen a hosepipe reeled-up. Maybe it occasionally gets fed through the window to the kitchen sink?? Watering is not high on my list of priorities right now though - we have had several days of prolonged rain, and the ground is very wet. It seems to me like the coldest, wettest Spring we have had for several years.


  1. From our records only 2013 was a worse spring - that is since =, Martyn started keeping records about 9 years ago. planting is on hold here until the ground dries and warms a bit. Our broad beans are just babies in the greenhouse.

  2. Mark, the Courtmoor plot is coming along splendidly! Hooray for you, you're quite the little worker bee!

  3. Wow, you've been busy! That's quite a lot of mulch you've had to carry to the plot; did you buy in or do they have compost bins with compost waiting to be spread? I can see how wet the soil is from your photos but the plot will look amazing in a couple of months!

    1. Fortunately there is a big (full) compost bin very close to the Raspberry patch - you can see it in the photos - so I didn't have to lug it very far!


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