Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Tomatoes - squeezing in a few more!

You know what I'm like with tomatoes (and chillis) - I find it hard to part with any of them, even when I have "too many"...  Well, I have given away a load of my spares, but I still have more than I had originally planned to keep. The thing is, my big coldframe was just about empty, so I have re-configured it to accommodate three more tomato plants!

I have re-positioned the narrow top shelf, so that it is in the middle position now

On this shelf are two plants of "Maskotka", a bush / trailing variety, and the plan is for them to trail down from their lofty position. The height of those sticks is such that I can just close the lid of the coldframe if necessary.

Down below, positioned centrally, is one plant of "Losetto", another bush variety, but one which is supposed to benefit from staking. I'll not let it grow taller than the height of the shelf. "Losetto" has the added benefit of being very blight-resistant.

The fact that these plants will be effectively under cover even with the lid and doors of the coldframe open, will give some protection from the airborne spores of blight anyway.


  1. I have WAY more tomato plants than I need, as usual. I just cannot bring myself not to give every single seedling a chance.

    I will be selling some of the extras at the next car boot sale we do and possibly at the farm gate but I have masses of plants in the polytunnel and plans to put a few in the raised bed at the back at the end of the month when all chance of frost has passed.

    I see even more jars of tomato sauces in my cupboards come September ;-)

  2. It's always hard not to grow on good plants isn't it?

  3. where did you get this greenhouse? it looks great!

    1. My wife won it from me in a competition. The full story is here:

    2. great! thanks for the link! long time lurker/reader....thanks for all the inspiration!


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