Monday, 15 May 2017


My chilli plants have been "promoted". By this I mean moved to bigger pots.

Until yesterday they had been in 5-inch / 12.5cm pots like this:

Now they have gone into 10-inch / 25cm pots:

The doubling in diameter of the pot makes a big difference to the volume of soil to which the plant has access. If I were a mathematician I would work it out, but I'm not. Even I can see that it's not just twice as much!

Although the weather is much improved compared with say a month ago, I'm still keeping the chillis under cover when the sun is not shining. The plastic "Seedling Greenhouses" have been put to good use once again:

My biggest chilli plant (an unknown variety) has its first flowers already.

In a way, growing unknown varieties is more fun than growing identifiable ones. In this case all I had to go on was one dull red shrivelled-up pod, full of seeds. The pod was pretty big, so actually this might turn out to be a sweet pepper, like Long Red Marconi or something!

I think I have mentioned previously that my chillis this year are a very mixed bunch. The ones pictured above are good, and of a size that I would consider normal for this stage of their lives. Some others though are still resolutely tiny, like these:

I don't know what has made the difference, because they have all been grown in exactly the same way, using the same compost etc. It must just be "one of those things".


  1. Blooms on your pepper plants already, impressive. And it looks like there are lots more blooms forming on that one plant.

  2. Your plants look amazing. I am assuming you are in a much colder area than I. I remember my pepper plants first blooming. (the ones I did plant from seed that is) Most of what I planted this year were plants I purchased.

    1. Karrie, I live in a little town called Fleet, about 30 miles south of London.

  3. I,m growing peppers for the first time this year ,I,m amazed at yours having flowers already ! WOW !

  4. Just like moving from a mobile home to a stately house.

  5. If it was a cube, doubling a length would make the volume go up by 2 x 2 x 2 = 8.
    That is not quite what is happening with a pot so we will settle on "quite a bit"!!
    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

    1. I agree - precision is not important here!


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