Wednesday, 24 May 2017

First chilli sets fruit

My chillis are definitely relieved that the weather has warmed-up. They don't have to spend their days cooped-up in the plastic greenhouses (although they are still zipped-up tight at night).

Here are some of them, sunbathing...

The one nearest the camera (seen in close-up below) is one of the unknown Panamanian types from last year. I think it is some sort of Habanero. With the possible exception of a 3-year-old Rocoto which may or may not be still alive, this is the sole survivor of my over-Wintered chilli plants. Several of them made it through to March and then just suddenly died.

Unidentified Panamanian chilli

The plants I am growing from seed sown earlier this year are mostly doing OK now, and one or two of them have flowers on:

Homing-in you can see the very first fruit of 2017! It is on the biggest of my plants, which regrettably is one whose formal identity I do not know.

It probably won't be long before some of the other plants have fruit too. There are lots of buds forming. These ones are on "Fidalgo Roxa":

I've mentioned before that the size of my chilli plants is very variable this year. This is the "Tiny" class:

One of those is a "Jalapeno", given to me by Donna from the Gardeners of Fleet Facebook Group. She gave me two plants which were both the same size, but one of them has grown rapidly and the other has been much slower.

Jalapeno siblings

The prize for the smallest plant of all goes to this so-called "Redfields Orange":

At least some new growth is finally visible, so maybe it will come good in the end? I'm not holding my breath...


  1. Redfield's Orange has a lot of leaves for being so tiny. I do wonder about seed borne funguses and such that might stunt plants, we usually go ahead and plant out the smaller peppers as well.

  2. I'm sure it'll come good if you can keep the slugs off it - it's some kind of dwarf birds eye type from the look of the leaves?


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