Friday 21 April 2017

Bye Bye Bay-trees

I have decided to get rid of my two standard-trained potted Bay trees.

Much as I love them, I feel that they have got too big for my little garden. More to the point, they cast too much shade on my raised beds. Because of this, they are being re-located to my daughter's house, in nearby Wokingham.

I can't remember exactly when I started off these trees, but it must have been fairly soon after we moved into this property, which was in 1991. They were cuttings from a tree we brought with us from our previous house. I wish now that I had started them both at the same time, so that they would be an evenly-matched pair, but I didn't think of that then, and one must be a couple of years older than the other - hence slightly larger.

I already have this little tree waiting for its place in the limelight. It is three years old now.

I think it's time this one went into a bigger pot, which will encourage it to fill out into a bigger tree.

If you are interested in how to grow a Bay tree from a cutting, I described that procedure HERE.

P.S. (Nothing to do with Bay trees). Yesterday I harvested the first of this year's Radishes:-

These are "French Breakfast".


  1. Shade is one of the biggest problems I have when growing things here. Already my peach tree is shading out my front flower garden and it was planted at the end of the porch in order to shade the porch...I just never thought it would get so big. Good for you on deciding to get rid of your trees though I know you will miss them.

  2. When I red the post title, my first thought was something bad has happened to them. Thanks God you only relocated them. They look perfect.

  3. How wonderful that you are already harvesting from your garden . . . I just love doing my grocery shopping in the backyard garden:) Oh, your daughter is going to enjoy those trees. Does she have a love of gardening, too?
    Here's wishing you a marvelous and joy filled weekend.
    Connie :)

  4. Pretty trees! I am glad they will have a new home. Good to have home-grown radishes! I pulled my first onions a few days ago - the long green onion type. We like to eat them raw with beans. Have a great week-end!

  5. They are lovely trees so I am glad that you are keeping them in the family

  6. I just bought a little bay tree, and I can only hope it grows up half as pretty and shapely as your big ones! It's also good to see the 3yo tree for reference.

  7. You must be really patient! I didn't know bay trees took so long to grow


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