Thursday 2 July 2015

The self-pinching Cucumber

The other day I wrote about one of my Cucumber plant developing droopy leaves:

Well, the whole growing-tip of this plant shrivelled up and died.

But further down the plant, several healthy side-shoots are appearing. People sometimes deliberately pinch-out the growing-tip of a plant in order to promote the production of side-shoots, but this one has done it for itself!

The next-door "Mini Munch" plant already has its first fruits forming.

Last weekend I put two more plants into the Cucumber container, to join their older siblings. I now have two each of "Diva" and "Mini Munch".

Four Cucumber plants in the same container may sound like a lot, but I think they'll manage OK - it's a big container (about 70cm in diameter).

And in other News... we have Tomatoes forming.



  1. I wonder why the cucumber's growing tip has died like that. I've also got tomatoes on my plants now and the starting of the first cucumbers.

  2. I hope the plant now thrives. Do you think the top was damaged in some way?

  3. How wonderful! The tomatoes, that is. I hope that your cucumber plant is ok & whatever it is doesn't travel down that stem & get to the rest of the plant.

  4. My four healthy cucumber plants all developed stem rot so I just nipped off the rotten part of the stem and pushed the plant back in the soil - they all regret and I have just harvested my third cucumber. Cucumbers which were healthy before being transplanted often rot like this - thankfully my system of nipping off the rotting stem and replanting always seems to work. (That should read they all re-grew not regret ).

    1. That's very interesting. I shall remember that in case it's needed! Sounds like what some people do with side-shoots from tomato plants.

  5. Hope your cucumber continues to do well now.
    Great to see the tomatoes coming through nicely.

    All the best Jan

  6. Hope that is not wilt. The Diva will definitely need some pinching, that's a variety that grows with a lot of vigor (understatement).


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