Monday 27 July 2015

Harvest Monday - 27 July 2015

More Carrots this week. On Thursday this batch:-

These are a mix of my three types, "Early Nantes", "Autumn King" and "Kelly", but I forgot to identify which ones are which. I think the sharply-tapering one (extreme left, below) is "Kelly", but I'm not really sure.

They weren't all such good-looking ones though. Look at these...

Usually it is stony soil that makes Carrots go like that, but I went to great lengths to prepare the bed for them, by adding sand and removing stones. Soil composition has a part to play in it, and I did add lots of home-made compost too. Anyway, it's not too much of a problem because the vast majority of the Carrots are nice and regularly shaped.

I got another nice batch of Beetroot this week.

That's 3 of "Boltardy" and 3 of "Baby Beet Action". The "Boltardy" ones are the bigger, redder ones and the "Baby Beet Action" are smaller and slightly darker.

On Saturday I picked this mixed basket of produce:

There were more potatoes, the last pot of "Balmoral" (694g) and the last pot of "Charlotte" (970g).

More Carrots. No funny-shaped ones this time. And notice - no Carrot Root Fly damage!

One "Mini Munch" Cucumber.

And most welcome of all, the first of the Runner Beans.

It was only half a dozen beans, but it looks as if they will be the first of many. There are many more little pods forming. The recent heavy rain will probably have done then a lot of good, because Runner Beans like plenty of moisture.

I nearly forgot to mention the Lettuce. One little head of "Tom Thumb" here, in the centre of the basket, though we have actually had Lettuce several times.

Next week I hope to be showing off my first ripe tomato. Yes, probably only one!

This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted each week by Daphne's Dandelions, so why not visit Daphne's blog and see what harvests other people have been getting.


  1. Nice harvest. Really nice job on the carrots, and no carrot fly. I can't get them to germinate but I will try again this fall.

  2. Carrots are one of my most anticipated harvests. I had never known how much better they were than store-bought until I tried growing them several years ago. They are amazing.
    And sometimes, some of the multi-legged ones are hilarious. And still tasty!

  3. Your potatoes are always so lovely, with hardly a blemish on the skins. The carrots look really nice too. I always get a few forked ones even though my soil is pretty much free of stones and nice and loose.

  4. We are still keeping an anxious watch over our third sowing of carrots and hoping the slugs don't get to these as well. Not enough rain here to please our runner beans.

  5. Lovely harvests. And there are always a few of those weird carrots, aren't there. Some of them make me laugh.

  6. Beautiful, especially the basket of assorted goodies - what a wonderful meal that would make! No carrots for me until the fall, but at least that's more than a couple of years ago when the slugs got to them all! And I keep checking my plants, but still no blush on the tomatoes, so I'll likely be waiting longer than a week for the first one.

  7. It doesn't need to look good to taste good ... nice carrots! I seem to be very far behind this year, not sure what I did wrong.

  8. Great looking carrots and that basket of goodies is to be envied. I love the funny carrots. People who have only ever purchased perfect looking veggies don't know what they're missing.


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