Wednesday 1 July 2015


My garden is going through a "pale patch", with lots of white / pink flowers in evidence at present.


The Philadelphus (Mock Orange) is in full bloom at last, about a month later than normal.

I have noticed that most of the flowers are infested with little black Pollen Beetles. Anyone know whether I should be worried about them? Are they harmful?

The White Rose is looking nice too. The buds have a definite pink tinge to them:

Hydrangea flowers are green when at the bud stage, like this:

But then they take on colour as they get bigger. These ones of mine are just beginning to turn pink.

Lots of my potatoes are flowering too. This light mauve-coloured one is "Sarpo Axona":

And this is "Sarpo Shona":

Soon the colour palette will turn towards the reds and yellows of high Summer, but that's a story for another day...


  1. You have some lovely flowers in your garden. My Philadelphus finished flowering some time ago. Now it is ready for pruning. That's what I have been doing all the week, pruning spring flowering shrubs.

  2. Right now I have oranges and purples taking over the garden. But then I have very few pale things. With a white picket fence as a backdrop, I tend to go for the stronger colors so the flowers don't fade into the background.

  3. I love the rose, that's so pretty. Do you know what kind it is?

  4. I really love white flowers - there is something so clean and pure about them.

  5. Pollen beetles are more of a nuisance than anything else.They shouldn't damage your plant. They can be nuisance when they infest sweet peas. Our white roses are looking good too.

  6. The flowers on my Philadelphus have come and gone about a month ago.Yours look really vigourous. As for the beetles, there are everywhere. Cross country infestation?
    Your hydrangeas fare much better than mine, although there are mainly in the shade; it has been way too hot over here.

  7. I like white flowers, they play their part in a garden. Your photo's are lovely to look at.
    Thanks for sharing

    All the best Jan


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