Sunday 26 July 2015

Seeds from the Czech Republic

A couple of weeks ago I did a seed-swap with Dominika, a blogging friend in the Czech Republic. We agreed to send each other 10 randomly-chosen packets of seeds. Whilst I chose a mix of flowers and vegetables for Dominika, she knows from my blog that I specialise in edible plants, so she chose all vegetable seeds for me.

They are all varieties that I have not encountered before (which was the whole point of the exchange of course), with one exception - I think the tomato is one which I know as "Stupice", which I have grown in the past, a long time ago. The climbing beans ("Fazol pnouci" - see, I'm getting the hang of the Czech language!) "Konstantin" look particularly interesting. I'll definitely give them a go next year. It's too late to sow most of these seeds this year, but I think the Lettuces will have enough time to mature.

These two look to me like variations on the theme of Red and Green Salad Bowl. Google tells me that "Salat listovy k cesani" means "Leaf lettuce to harvesting"!! My interpretation of this is "Cut-and-come-again lettuce". Last weekend I sowed a seed-tray with some of both varieties, so we'll see how they get on.

The Lettuces that Dominka sent me previously ("Devin" and Cervanek") were very good and did well in my garden, so I hope these ones will do just as well.

As an aside, let me say that this seed-exchange thing is a great way to broaden your horizons and persuade you to grow something different! You do need to be a bit careful though, if sending seeds internationally, because customs regulations vary a lot and can be quite stringent. For instance, you are not allowed to send Tomato seeds to the Czech Republic, nor indeed those of Sunflowers, Lucerne, Beans or Potatoes. Everything else is OK as long as it is in small quantities and in unopened commercial packets. Here in the UK you probably need to check the details yourself before going to the Post Office, because in my experience Post Office workers are often not familiar with the regulations!


  1. I did a seed swap this year as well and was blown away by how much people sent me! A great way to try something new to grow.

  2. Yes, there are some very generous bloggers out there! This is why Dominika and I agreed to limit our exchange to 10 packets each. Mind you, the price of seed packs differs such a lot!

  3. Oh, that's too bad that you can't send tomato and bean seeds to the Czech Republic (although I'm sure they have good reason for that). Those are two of my favourites when it comes to experimenting with different varieties and the choices are almost limitless.

  4. That's such a good idea when we are aboard we are always looking over garden fences to see what is being grown! It will be interesting to see your resuts. Sarah x

  5. Seed trades can be a lot of fun. I used to send out saved seeds to anyone who wanted them, but now most of the seeds that were easy to collect are not ones I grow.

  6. The seed swap sounds like fun!

  7. Hope they all will make a good crop, either this or next year:) Looking forward to your edible results!

  8. I found some hopefully useful information regarding your lovely blog:
    hereby the link:
    and most important part:
    The use of seed in private gardens is not covered by the EU legislation and private
    gardeners can continue to buy any plant
    material and sell their seed in small
    quantities Moreover, it will be clarified
    that any non-professional (e.g. private
    gardeners) can exchange seed with other private gardeners without falling under
    the rules of the proposed Regulation.
    This new regulation will enter into force foce in 2016.
    Best regards, Elza

    1. Thank you, Elza. I look forward to being able to benefit from the changes you mention. I hope the postal system takes note too!

  9. These look great! I'd love to know what those beans or peas on the right of the photo are - they look interesting

    1. Rozzie, they are a climbing bean called "Konstantin" (search "Fazol pnouci Konstantin" via your browser...)


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