Monday 13 July 2015

Harvest Monday - 13th July 2015

This is the time of year when the veg-plot is most productive. I like it when I can take photos of several different veg harvests simultaneously!

This time I have "Ice Queen" Lettuce,

..."De Ciccio" Broccoli,

...Strawberries and Radishes.

I also have "Modrava" kohlrabi, "Kelly" carrots and the first of the "Mini Munch" cucumbers.

I am of course still harvesting potatoes as and when required. These are more of the "Balmoral" ones.

The tubers are individually much larger then the previous batch, and there were very few "Tiddlers".

These ones are the first of my "Charlotte":

I picked the last significant batch of Broad Beans (800g). These were almost all "Imperial Green Longpod".

The Strawberries have done very well. There are never very many at one time, but little batches like this every couple of days. We tend to eat them mixed in with other (shop-bought) fruit, like peaches and nectarines.

This week I also harvested the first of my Beetroot ("Boltardy").

Unfortunately, despite their name, some of the plants have bolted. I'm sure it is related to the very variable weather. Still, there are enough unbolted ones to provide us with a few meals.

This is one of those "Elyburg" Lettuces.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this type. Its leaves are a bit on the tough side for my liking. Only the smallest inner leaves were attractive.

This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted each week by Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. Nice variety in your harvest. The Elyburg lettuce certainly looks attractive, too bad it is a little tough. Maybe a hot bacon dressing to wilt it a bit?

  2. That's a lovely varied harvest. My cucumber plants aren't at their best this year, I haven't had any cucumbers off them yet but they're just starting to grow.

  3. What do you think of Mini Munch?

  4. That Ice Queen lettuce is so pretty! You really do such a nice job with your vegetables. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. What wonderful harvests - there's so much variety for you right now! My strawberries are just about done - hopefully my "everbearing" variety pulls through this year with some more berries later in the season.

  6. Nice harvest Mark, we only have a few strawberry plants so also get small harvests. I'm pegging down the runners for a few more plants next year.

  7. Wonderful harvests. I always love your potatoes. They are just so perfect. When I could grow them, mine always had scab at the very least.

  8. The striped stems on the beets are attractive. I've only seen that on Chioggia beets, which have striped roots as well. Too bad about the Elyburg lettuce, it sure looks good.

  9. Red and green is always the good combine...

  10. What a beautiful harvest! And so varied too. I have never seen beets with striped stems.

  11. My carrots are doing well but I only grow them because the foliage is so pretty and I want to make a carrot cake with them. The foliage is also a food source for our native swallowtail butterflies. I also grow sweet potatoes because I love the vines so much. Your weekly bounty is just wonderful. Meals must be mighty tasty at your house. :)

  12. You're getting lots of different spring harvests and cucumber as well. Your potatoes are so lovely it makes me miss growing them, I just can't get the timing right for our area.


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