Saturday 4 July 2015

Potting-on the PSB

My Purple Sprouting Broccoli is destined to follow on from the Broad Beans. The latter are just producing their harvest now, so I have to keep the PSB waiting for another week or so. I had most of them in 5-inch pots, with one or two spares in 4-inch pots, and they were beginning to look distinctly unhappy. No doubt they were beginning to run out of root-space and nutrients. You can see here that a few of their leaves were looking pale and discoloured.

I have now "upgraded them to superior accommodation", so to speak. The 'A-team' ones are in 8-inch pots and the reserves are in 5-inch ones. The same applies to my "Mira" Cabbages. Here you can see one of each type.

The table on the patio is overflowing with brassica plants!

Fortunately I have seen hardly any white butterflies so far, so I have not (yet) had to provide my plants with netted protection.

Meanwhile, I have another type of brassica on the go. These are little seedlings of Brokali. For those of you who don't know this vegetable, it is a cross between Broccoli and Kailaan (Chinese Kale).

This is a quick-maturing vegetable, suitable to Summer cultivation. My intention is that it will replace the "De Ciccio" broccoli when that is finished. With space in my garden being fairly limited, I have to make maximum use of it by replacing plants as soon as they finish.


  1. The psb I've grown from seed isn't looking very good, I always seem to have trouble with brassicas, I don't know why. I think I shall look out for some small plants and grow them on from there.

  2. It's a veritable conveyor belt

  3. Just decided to visit after seeing your comment on Matron's post - what fabulous looking brassicas :) I do have a particular weakness for PSB - may they continue grow big and strong x

  4. I could never grow plants like you do. I have a tendency to forget about potted plants and let them dry out too much. It is such a good way to make use of a small space though.


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