Sunday, 28 August 2011

These are a few of my favourite things

Here are some photos which hopefully demonstrate my current love of form, texture, light and shade. I've always been more inclined towards the arts than the sciences (I was rubbish at Maths when I was at school, and my Physics teacher was a heartless martinet who never managed to inspire in me anything but fear, whereas my History teacher was a REAL person...)

Ancient wooden door at Stokesay Castle

Lichens on a wall at Stokesay Castle

Cow Parsley seed-head - Pembridge

Bark of an Oak tree at Shobdon Arches

Stonework at Shobdon Arches

Stonework at Shobdon Arches

Thistle at Lawton Herbs

Magpie statue in Weobley, symbolising the "Black and White" villages

Gargoyle at the Water Gardens, Lyonshall

Bridge over the River Arrow at Pembridge

River Arrow at Pembridge

Lion - symbolising England - at Croft Castle

Dragon - symbolising Wales - at Croft Castle


  1. Wow! Love the many textured pieces. My favorite is the bridge, though. So dramatic and the shadow of the tree on it. You were there at the exact moment! These are all stunning.

  2. Love the textures Mark - made me smile though, how are all diversifying a little with our blogs as the gardening season starts to come to a close

  3. Agreed. All fine textures. Specially like the unusual approach to the thistle.

  4. When I read the title of this post...I imagined you singing....a tenor I think!??? Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

    My travel books are full of close ups of things. while everyone is standing back and posing in front of monuments and old buildings I am gazing at the detail.

  5. Loving the lichens and thistle, looks like you're having a great adventure.

  6. Great pictures. I'd been away from blogdom for a while and missed all your lovely posts. Just went through all of them. Really loved your Herefordshire cheese making guided tour.

  7. Ooo you are so lucky to have all these fabulous things in your country, I just love all your photos. But I like the bridge best too... How on earth did you end up lecturing in IT??!

  8. Lovely photos!

    They remind me of a course that I used to deliver for teachers. They went out with cameras and took photos of either texture, line or shape and then when they came back they used as the basis for creative work. Some were manipulated using a photo package or even used as a basis for abstract paintings. They loved it as did the children they taught

  9. Fabulous photos Mark, you seem to be drawn to very similar subjects to me. I have an almost alarming number of pictures of doors, gates and bark, and an obsession with gargoyles which hasn't been fed well for some time... Interestingly, I was always in to the sciences and thought of myself as terribly unartistic - that was my sister's realm. Its only gardening and then photography that have helped me reclaim that side of myself.


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