Sunday, 7 August 2011

Entering the "Red phase"...

I am away from home for a few days at present, on holiday, so I won't be doing so much blogging, especially responding to comments. Sorry about that! I'll make amends by publishing loads of lovely photos when I get back home...

The colours in my garden seem to match the weather conditions right now. Over the last few days we have had quite high temperatures by our standards: 25 - 28 Celsius or thereabouts.

The Runner bean flowers are definitely red-hot:

The first of the "Hot Portugal" chillis is just turning from green to red. This happens overnight!

The "Firetongue" Borlotti beans are just colouring-up too:

The cherry tomatoes are in full production as well:

The beetroot, both red and golden types, continues to produce a few roots of just the right size every few days:

Even the "Scrumptious" apples are a deeper red this year:



  2. When you get back many of your chillies will turn red. You will be busy harvesting summer goods and no holiday from the garden when you retursn ;-).


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