Sunday 30 January 2011


The culprit

A poor photo, but the identity is unmistakeable! More photos to follow in a later post...


  1. Okay, he's cute but I can imagine the damage he's able to do. I like the photo!

  2. I thought foxes were skinny, hungry looking animals. That looks like one fat well-fed fox!

    What are you going to do about him?

  3. Hmm, my fox looks pretty well-fed, doesn't he?
    And completely "at home" in my garden, regrettably. He didn't seem very bothered by my presence. What can I do? At present the best option seems like bribery: if I put out food for him, maybe he won't have to resort to digging up my garden to find worms?

  4. I agree with Ali, your fox looks extremely well fed. Maybe the whole neighbourhood is feeding him? Suppose trapping and rehoming isn't an option?

  5. I feel like an idiot; I never knew foxes ate vegetables! Seriously! I didn't know. We have foxes here, I have seen them cross the road in front of me but we have never had a problem with them in my area.


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