Sunday 30 January 2011

The cutting edge of Gardening

While leafing through the Marshalls catalogue during the Christmas holiday, trying to decide what seeds to buy, my eye lit upon this Harvesting Knife

Described as "ideal for cutting Asparagus and also trims leeks and celery and slices through lettuce, broccoli and cabbage stalks with ease", I thought it sounded just what I need to cope with the bumper harvest I'm going to get this Summer! (My sprouting broccoli is already feeling distinctly uneasy...)

I like the design of this item. The curved serrated blade with the thin point should make it easy to get the knife into exactly the right place for cutting one's veg. The feel of the knife in your hand is good too - the rubberised handle is soft but "chunky" at the same time. It looks as if the old kitchen knife I have been using in the garden up to now is finally about to be replaced...

My only worry is this: should I keep the new knife in the place where the old one has been living - stuck into the soil in one of the raised beds - or should I keep it out of sight indoors or in the shed (where it will be less accessible)? In the past I have had one or two small thefts from the garden, and the thought of some dishonest local teenager with this knife in his possession is not a nice one.

By the way, Marshalls' delivery service was incredibly good too. My order arrived three days after being placed (via their website), and I received by email an order confirmation and a despatch confirmation as well. If only all businesses could be that efficient! I hope the product will be of the same high standard...


  1. Lucky you a bumper summer crop to look forward to. I reckon keep the knife accessible. A teenager could easily get a knife from a kitchen drawer if they were so inclined.

  2. It's smaller than I imagined but I wouldn't like it to get into the wrong hands - we have also bought things from Marshalls amnd been pleased with their service

  3. You probably should put it in a safe place. But, if you are anything like will most likely be stuck in the dirt somewhere in your garden!

  4. I like the confidence of anticipating a bumper crop, nothing like planning for things to happen to make them actually happen!

    The knife looks great, and I imagine it will prove to be a versatile tool. I am scratching my head at the moment wondering what to cut the banana trees down with, I don't think my kitchen knives are going to cut it. Literally!

  5. Nice looking knife - I love good tools. Hope it gets used loads for delicious harvests. Keeping it safe from tearaway teens sounds like a good move though...

  6. Nice looking knife. I would probably decide on keeping it in the shed, but then would be too lazy to do it, so it would stay in the garden all the time.


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