Wednesday 26 January 2011


We do not have a cat. But one that lives nearby sometimes comes to visit us. He's called Oscar. He is a bit "highly strung" I think - full of nervous energy - and he seldom sits still for very long.

Here he is laying claim to my camera tripod; rubbing up against it to cover it with is scent.

Photographing cats is seldom easy. I tried to get Oscar to pose, but this is what I got!

The headless cat...?

Finally he settled down on the doormat for a few minutes

But like any cat, when he's had enough of your company, he's soon on his way...

In the past we always used to have cats - normally two, to provide company for each other. For us they always seemed like part of the family, and when one of them died it was always a big loss for us, so we have currently not got any pets, and we have to "borrow" them from our neighbours. I expect one day a cat will adopt us. They have minds of their own, don't they? We think sometimes that a cat "belongs" to us, but actually it is normally the other way round...


  1. Dogs are no easier unless they are tited or asleep.

  2. We have two cats. They are characterful and have a place in the family. They limit us though - we always have to come home to feed them.


  3. Oscar is a fabulous name for a cat... and I would like an animal that visited me but belonged to someone else, I imagine that it's a bit like having grandchildren, all the fun with very little responsibility.

  4. We used to have a black and white cat just like Oscar, called Jake. We have a little tabby who lives next door called Lucy but she seldom visits us now we've got Archie.

  5. We have one look like Oscar but a she.

  6. I believe you were following Oscar for a while to take good photos since cats always move at a whim.

  7. Haha, I really enjoyed Oscar the headless cat. Very true about who owns who!

  8. I have two cats at home, and they don't "belongs" to me, but me to them.

  9. I have a boy cat called Oscar too, though he's rather patient and has learnt to put up with camera lenses invading his space.. (I think he secretly enjoys the attention, they all do!) :)


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