Sunday 9 January 2011

Indoor Mint

In the first week of December I posted about a tiny Mint plant I had brought in from outside in order to grow it on a windowsill. I was hoping that it would thrive in the warmth and give me a (small) supply of tasty fresh leaves in the middle of Winter. This is what it looked like then:

02 December 2010

Unfortunately (as I feared) the amount of light this plant has been able to get has been insufficient and it has gone "leggy". I did actually pinch out the growing points but that has only made each stem produce two leggy bits!. Here are some pictures of the plant taken yesterday:

08 January 2011


Pinching out the stems didn't really help

So I may have to wait until the Spring for some decent Mint after all...

Actually I have another plan - maybe if I dug up a large piece of Mint root from the garden and brought that indoors, maybe that would work? I reckon it's worth a try.


  1. My outside mint is sprouting new growth on the tops of old stems so if yours is growing at roughly the same rate, maybe you won't need to bother with indoors mint at all.


  2. But... But... But it ought to be quicker to get Mint going indoors in the warm, oughtn't it?

  3. Winter is making you sound a bit desperate, Mark. Take a deep breath!

  4. I'm sure I saw something where Alys Fowler recommended dividing congested mint plants in Autumn and bringing at least one pot with a division inside to provide fresh mint through Winter. Maybe it is to do with the sized of the plant. I think we cook/gardeners get a little frantic at this time of year wishing for home grown armfuls of fresh herbs. I've been wondering if indoor sown coriander would grow OK on my windowsill...

  5. By indoors do you mean in the house - what about trying the greenhouse?

  6. If I had a greenhouse, I would try... but I haven't. The best I can muster is a little plastic portable one!


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