Monday 3 January 2011

More on renewable resources

Continuing the theme of renewable resources / re-purposing...

I know this is not as exciting as coppicing [see Comments on my post called The Gardener's Three 'Rs'  :) ] but I have already put some of my Philadelphus prunings to good use. I have used some of the smaller sticks, topped with plastic cane-toppers, to make a "Postman barrier". Hopefully the highly visible yellow cane-toppers will dissuade our postman and other visitors from trampling on the miniature Iris and Daffodil bulbs that are planted around the base of my Crab Apple tree, in their haste to get to my front door.

To be fair, this little patch of grass at the front of my house is pretty tatty, and you wouldn't think that walking over it would be much frowned upon. I keep saying I'm going to remove it, and replace it with shingle like I have in the back garden, but somehow this has never happened. Maybe this year???

The Iris bulbs are just peeking through the grass. They are the first ones to flower and I expect they will be flowering early next month.

P.S. I did rescue some of the bigger prunings, and they are not being sent to the tip after all. Instead, they have been added to my log-pile (aka insect hotel).


  1. The postman would probably like to have shingle to walk on!

  2. Iris blooming in a month? Wow!, We've got about 5 months until any iris bloom!

  3. David, these Iris of mine are the miniature variety Iris Reticulata, which is very early-flowering. They normally flower in mid to late February. They are only about 6 - 8 inches tall.

  4. Cute! I hope it works... and doesn't make baby mock oranges in the front yard. My mom cuts stems in the winter and literally shoves them into the garden to force them to root.

    Thanks for participating in How to Find Great Plants! Your parsnips post was featured in today's issue, here's the link:

  5. I am impressed by your green credentials in the last couple of posts Mark. I also like the idea of postman deterents. I was married to a postman once...some sort of postman deterent at that stage would have been useful. LOL.

  6. Mark growing flowers! I am impressed. I thought you would use every available apace for veg. Please keep them and forget the shingle - much prettier.

  7. Re the shingle plan: I think what I will so is leave a circular bed about 4 feet in diameter around the base of the tree, for the bulbs to grow in, and put the rest down to shingle.

    And there's no way I'm having Mock Orange bushes around the Crab Apple tree. As soon as the bulbs have finished flowering, those sticks will be removed.


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