Thursday, 3 August 2017

Another gardening washout

Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of rain for my veggies, but today I'm fed up with rain! It rained almost all day yesterday, and I couldn't have done any gardening even if I had wanted to. All I could manage was to take a few photos during one of the brief intervals between periods of rain. Here are the best of them...

Apple in the rain.

"Laxton's Superb"

Chilli in the rain.

This one is supposed to be "Fidalgo Roxa", but appears not to have come true

Asparagus in the rain.

Leeks in the rain.

"Winter Giant"

Tomatoes in the rain.

"Sweet Aperitif"

Sunflower - not so obviously in the rain!


I don't know about you, but I'm always "twitchy" when I can't get out in the garden because of the weather. Even if there are no jobs to be done, I still like to be outside, either pottering around doing a bit of photography, or just sitting in a chair sipping coffee and watching the plants grow. Maybe tomorrow will be better...


  1. Though sitting at an open door, sniffing the smell as the rain falls, that's pretty good? (And who needs words when some rainy pictures will do?)

  2. you was showed few picture to make vegetable garden .I like this picture and I want to create a small vegetable garden.


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