Sunday, 28 June 2015

Flowers of West Green House

Here are the photos of flowers at West Green House that I promised.

This is probably my favourite - a rose which I believe is called "Raspberry Ripple". If not, it should be!

Everyone knows the Lupin:

This is a Foxglove. A very unusual one too, both in terms of its colour and its (fluffy) texture.

This is a Peony:

Not sure about this one. Is it a Canterbury Bell (Campanula)?

And I have no idea what this is!

I recognise this one though - a delicate little Hardy Geranium.

I love this dark coloured Clematis. It's almost black.

This is an Astrantia.

We all know the Poppy too. There were poppies of many different colours to be seen, but I think this was the most striking.

Here's another Geranium, complete with bee.

And a steely-blue Eryngium.

This photo is of the butterfly (a Small Tortoiseshell), camouflaged against the background of Wallflowers and Roses.

Here's another beautiful Foxglove.

There was an area full of these little Turks Cap Lilies (Lilium Martagon), growing in profusion amongst the long grass.

Not just pink ones, either...

Irises there were in abundance too...

At the margins of some of the ponds there were patches of these moisture-loving Yellow Flags (Iris Pseudacorus).

There are several areas of the garden laid out as bog-gardens, though with the prolonged dry weather we have been experiencing they were not very boggy! This enormous Hosta didn't seem to mind too much.

I inspected the Philadelphus very closely, and was gratified to see that it's not just mine that is swarming with tiny black Pollen Beetles! This double-flowered cultivar is very nice.

This is something that most people would treat as a weed - Herb Robert, looking spectacular at present in its fiery red livery.

Despite the above, the over-riding impression of the garden this time was one of Roses. Hundreds of Roses, in every shape, size and colour imaginable!

And finally: this one is now officially on my Wishlist. A red Japanese Maple / Acer, which will of course require a suitably impressive pot as well...

If you live within striking distance of West Green House, I strongly recommend a visit. There is so much too see!


  1. One of my favorite flowers is foxglove, pink ones. Though for some reason I don't grow any.

  2. a nice post Mark full of interesting flowers I love the lupins haven`t grown them for years and I agree raspberry ripple would be a good name

  3. You have featured two plants that I have that are suffering. Our campanula lacitifolia had blackfly - lots of them - which has never happened before and one of the new lupins has mildew. We also have that couble philadelpis which usually gets blackfly but I haven't noticed any - I'll have to check.

  4. I've got flag irises flowering in my little pond at the moment too. Acers are such beautiful plants, I've had one on my wish list for a while but I still haven't got one, I really must look out for one. I think my favourite of all the flowers here is the astrantia, another one on my wish list which I still haven't acquired.

  5. Such gorgeous flowers - that rose is a real showstopper! I love lupines we have a couple in our border but they are almost hidden by the plants in front of them. I'll have to place them in a much more prominent spot at some point.

  6. Such beautiful flowers! I particularly love the Iris and foxgloves! Gorgeous colors.

  7. Lovely post Mark - I was there on Saturday. I now get to visit this amazing garden every month as I've been commissioned to do their online publicity work - I can't believe my luck :) Would you mind if I add a link to your post on the website's Home page?

    1. Oh wow, what a fabulous opportunity for you! I would be delighted to have a link to my post(s) on the website, so please go ahead and add it as you wish. As you will have seen, I posted about West Green House about this time last year too.

    2. I'm still pinching myself that it's true! I'll make sure I link to all this year's and last year's post. You may like to follow @WGHgdns on Twitter to see how the garden grows. Gareth, the Head Gardener tweets on there as well as me :)

  8. I have enjoyed your two posts about West Green House it is a garden I long to visit, it does look so beautiful. Sarah x

  9. How funny, I visited this garden for the first time about a week before your post! I have some pics on my phone that I'll post about soon. Lovely gardens. Your unidentified purple flowers look like Campanula punctata to me - I grew a purple variety from seed a few years ago.


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