Saturday, 13 June 2015

Chillis - some hopeful signs

Regular readers will know that my chillis got off to a very bad start this year (aphids, poor weather - need I say more?), but I think they have taken a turn for the better now. They are still not good by any stretch of the imagination, but there are some encouraging signs. Take this for instance. It is the "Brazilian Starfish" plant.

It quickly grew tall, but its leaves are very big, and therefore very susceptible to wind damage. Most of them have been ripped off. However, at the top of the plant several new shoots have formed.

I am also hopeful that new shoots will appear in the leaf axils where the big leaves used to be.

This "Ring of Fire" plant was looking very sorry for itself, with many of its first leaves having been more or less totally destroyed by aphid damage, but new shoots are appearing, and even some flower buds.

This one is "Aji Limon". It was sowed much later than most of the others (when "Lemon Drop" which I had intended to grow instead, failed to germinate), so it escaped the early aphid infestations. It looks healthy enough, but it is still very small and may struggle to reach maturity before Autumn comes. "Aji Limon" is a late-fruiting variety at the best of times.

The "Aji Limon" that I overwintered has teetered on the brink of extinction for months but is still alive. From a distance it looks pretty awful. The main stem died, and the other shoots lost most of their leaves.

A closer look however reveals some new shoots appearing though, from low down on the plant, so it obviously hasn't given up yet.

This is "Caribbean Antillais", with the big older leaves looking very tatty, but putting on some new growth at the growing point.

This "Puma" is looking more enthusiastic than before. Again, it's still tiny, and the old leaves are scarred and full of holes, but new foliage is appearing. And what handsome foliage it is too, bright green edged with purple / black!

This is "Bolivian Rainbow", hardly impressive at present, but at least showing a bit of promise. It too has some flower buds.

A couple of weeks ago I was despondent and I really though my chillis would be a washout this year, but I feel a bit more positive about them now. And of course I now have this to look forward to...



  1. They have been through a lot with the aphids and the wind. I hope they all pull through for you.

  2. That's lot of planting during this season in your garden. I'm sure your chillis will do well.

  3. Your poor peppers really suffered this year. It must get quite windy to literally blow the leaves off the plants. It looks like they may have a chance at recovery, good luck!

  4. I guess hot peppers grow faster? Your cayenne has already come out, and I've got several Hungarian hot wax already on the way!

  5. A lesson not to give up on a plant too soon. Do you think that you have produced a standard chilli?

    1. Not sure what you mean by "standard" chilli, Sue. If you mean one that will be primarily for functional use (as an ingredient, that is), then maybe Yes. Cayenne is a very well-known and dependable variety. But I will always want to grow lots of different varieties.

    2. Standard as in standard rose or fuchsia, grown on a stem as in the first photo

    3. Oh, I see. Well, Yes then - except that I'm still hoping that new leaves will grow.

  6. It's such a shame to see the plants like this, even more so as your plants are always so healthy looking usually. I do hope they recover for you and that they go on to produce a decent harvest, which is what it's all about really.

  7. I'm a bit worried that without a really warm next few months, my still tiny chilli plants will run out of growing season to grow and produce good ripe fruits (in the UK). In fact they are just about hanging on to life out on the allotment because of the cold nights we are still having - lots of black bits on the leaves a sure sign of the cold.

  8. Fresh new growth is a great sign! I just transplanted my peppers last week and they are all looking a bit tired, with the coolish wet weather we have been having.

  9. I hope they produce, I bet they will


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