Friday, 23 January 2015

Some wintery conditions

This past week we have had weather a bit more like a "normal" Winter, including some heavy frosts. Fleet had minus 7.6 degrees Celsius last night (OK, I know many of you will say "That's not cold", but for us here it is!). Most of the UK has had some snow, but here in North-East Hampshire we have so far escaped with just one or two flakes. As a gardener, I would actually welcome some real Winter weather, because plants expect it, and if they don't get it they will start into growth prematurely and be weaker overall. Very cold conditions are also beneficial to gardeners because they kill off some of the pests and diseases.

I have not been able to do much in the way of actual gardening for a few weeks now (although I am proceeding with the renewal of some of my raised beds), but the weather hasn't prevented me from taking photographs! Today I offer you a small selection of "cold weather" photos:-

Purple Sprouting Broccoli "Red Arrow"

Frozen raindrop on PSB

Frost-rimed cabbage "Caramba"

Radicchio "Palla Rossa"

Frozen raindrop on frosty PSB leaf



Blueberry leaf

Flat-leaf Parsley


  1. I'm fed up of the cold weather, enough already. Spring can't come quick enough for me.

  2. Wow - up here in the balmy north we only got down to -1.6 Celsius how bizarre,

  3. It's the same story here, Mark. Only -3 for us last night but the ground was solid and iced. Sunshine has melted all the frost now but, even frosted over, my PSB and Romanesco caulis were taking it on the chin and looking good!

  4. Refurbishment of my small raised bed in the garden is currently on hold due to a small hedgehog setting up home there recently. The new wood was purchased, cut to size and piled up nearby ready for assembly - only for the wildlife to move in during those few intervening days. No idea how long we'll have to wait ....!

  5. Absolutely love your photo's..... may I ask what camera you use?

    By the way I see Upper Lambourn in Berkshire saw the coldest temperatures in the UK, last night, with residents there experiencing chills of - 9C. Brrrrrrr

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan; my camera is an Olympus E450 (entry-level DSLR). I love it! (Has taken about 50,000 photos for me)

    2. I agree, the photos are wonderful ...very crisp and clear. Nice work!

  6. Frost has a way of making even the ordinary beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous pictures, very beautiful! I am enjoying reading your blog very much, and appreciate living vicariously through your posts as here in the middle of America (Kansas City Missouri area) we have 4 inches of snow on the ground and most days are hovering around freezing.


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