Friday 5 April 2013

The Chillis are in!

At long last I have sowed some chilli seeds!

Photo from 2102
  I have waited, and waited and waited to do a job that in the past I have normally done in mid-February. Whilst it is easy enough to get chilli seeds to germinate (a few days in the airing-cupboard works a treat), without enough light, chilli seedlings are not going to do well, and until now I have not judged the conditions to be good enough. Of course I do now have the Grow Light House, but competition for its use is very stiff, and I'm not giving any guarantees that any chillis at all will get a turn in it! At present my newly-sowed chilli seeds are inside some unheated propagators on the windowsill of our spare bedroom. The propagator lids will increase humidity, which is desirable for germination, and they will also prevent draughts.

Not a very good photo, regrettably - but then I think I mentioned the tricky light conditions...

Today I sowed the following - mostly hot chillis, but the last three named are technically sweet peppers:-
Aji Limon
Numex Suave Orange
Numex Twilight
Black Prince
Christmas Bell
Big Jim

All the above are from commercially-produced seeds, but I also sowed seeds of six different types of chilli that I obtained on my holidays in Turkey, and some Scotch Bonnets saved from the previous year. Since I don't know the official names of the Turkish ones I have given them nicknames like "short fat", "long thin", "round red" etc.

For most of these, I have as usual sowed two seeds per 5-inch pot, but in the case of the home-saved ones I have sowed four per pot, just in case I get poor germination rates. Naturally, when I see what comes up I will aim to thin out to one seedling per pot, choosing the strongest specimen.

Now I'm just hoping that the weather will improve rapidly and dramatically, with some good sunshine as well!

Oh, by the way, I notice that my over-wintered Scotch Bonnet plant has now got some tiny flowerbuds:


  1. To say you are a chilli lover would be an under-statement makes good reading though.

  2. We've just invested in a second grow light. One of the bulbs has packed in on our first one so that needs sorting and prompted us to get the second kit but Martyn forgot to order the water tank extra!

  3. Masses and millions. You're on your way to a market garden!

  4. I'm quite envious of your lovely deep window ledges!

  5. Just a few chillies then Mark

  6. I've started 8 different chillis and two different sweet peppers myself, the large 4x2m blow-away green house has been attached to the bedrock with rebar - hopefully will be strong enough! and I think it will be full of chillis at this rate.
    BTW: I read post about Kitchen Garden magazine last week and bought the May issue yesterday, really enjoyed reading it, so thank you for that :-)

  7. Of those I'm only growing cayenne and Ancho so I am really looking forward to seeing what the others are like.

  8. Sowing tomatoes and chilies is on the agenda this weekend as well! Is the scotch bonnet in the garage?

  9. I think you are going to have more than enough chillies to satisfy your appetite for them Mark.


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