Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spicy pork with wild rice

Regular readers will know that I have a particular affection for pork dishes made with variations on the chilli theme...

This one uses the dried, smoked Poblano chilli, a very large one often referred to as "Chile Ancho" or "Wide Chilli". These chillis have a deep smoky flavour but little heat.

NB: that is a side-plate / dessert plate, not a Dinner plate!

Here are the ingredients for my dish:- diced pork, stock, onions, garlic, dried and fresh Oregano, Mixed Spice, home-made chilli relish (a bit like Sambal Oelek) and the Ancho chilli.

Here is the method for my recipe (serves 2):
  • Marinate approx 350g diced pork for about four hours with about 1/4 teaspoon of Mixed Spice and one teaspoon of the chilli relish.
  • Re-hydrate one Ancho chilli in a bowl of hot water for approx one hour
  • Peel and slice two medium onions and cook them gently in a little oil over a low heat until soft but not browned
  • Remove the onions from the pan, turn up the heat and  brown the pork meat 
  • Return the onions to the pan and add 500ml stock, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, both types of Oregano, and the water in which the chilli was soaked
  • Prepare the Ancho chilli by slitting it open and removing stalk, pips and membranes
  • Add the opened-out chilli to the pan
  • Bring to the boil
The Ancho chilli has been added...
  • Transfer the pan to a pre-heated oven, 160C
  • Cook, covered, for approx 2.5 hours, or until the pork is very tender, adding more stock as necessary to maintain moisture. (You're looking for a sauce with a thick gravy-like texture)
  • Fish out and discard the Ancho chilli just prior to serving
  • Serve with whatever veg / salad you like
I served some home-grown Purple Sprouting Broccoli. I cook it briefly (about 3 minutes) in a large pan of rapidly-boiling salted water. Overcooked PSB is mushy and not nice at all, so watch it very carefully!

Home-grown Purple Sprouting Broccoli
I also made a salsa with tomatoes and fennel, with a little chopped fresh mint. This was partly because I was very keen to use this fabulous new chilli-shaped salsa dish that my friend Rosemary gave me:

My new Salsa dish - Thanks, Rosemary!

The "stalk" is actually a serving-spoon

The final element of the dish was a mixture of Wild and Basmati rice. I always love Basmati rice, but the addition of the Wild rice takes it to a new level, adding some different flavour and texture. Here's the finished dish:


  1. I was going to say... wow what a whopper... then I realised it must be a side plate!... nice stew... need it NOW!!

  2. I think I'd enjoy this even containing chilli! This dish is just you - a very appropriate gift!

  3. Looks a really good dinner! I think I might give broccoli-growing another try this year. Not sure where I went wrong last year but I suppose the worse that can happen is I get lots of flowers again! I like your new serving dish.

    1. I had the same problem with my broccoli last year. I blame the hot and dry spring. Hmpff !

      Mark, great heart warming casserole and I am so envious of your fancy salsa dish. :))

  4. I'm no cook. This brings me face to face with my deficiencies.

  5. Looks great and love the salsa dish!

  6. Being a chilli-lover I must try this! Love the dish, and must pull my socks up and make my own sambal this year, what's your recipe?

  7. It looks really good though I am not a fan of wild rice I keep trying it because I am sure I should be. The pork looks wonderful!

  8. Wow! looks yummy!
    I've never eaten the wild rice although I live in the country where our staple food is rice.

  9. It looks delicious. Especially the broccoli. OK that would be the only thing on the plate I could eat as I still can't eat peppers or tomatoes. But the broccoli looks really really good.

  10. Laura, you can find my recipe for Chilli Relish in a blogpost from November 2011 - http://marksvegplot.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/chilli-relish.html

  11. Love the dinky salsa dish-the spoon as the stalk is great!!

  12. I have to admit I've never used chillies in that manner - really interesting. Lovely looking broccoli.

  13. Wow... YUM!!! Beautiful pictures!!!

  14. That looks fantastic, thanks for the recipe!!!

  15. As a fellow foodie...I am so going to try this recipe. It looks awesome. Thank you for sharing Mark.

  16. I never tried mixing wild and basmathi rice. Sounds interesting to try.

  17. It looks delicious. I like the salsa dish, a very appropriate gift for you.

  18. This looks like good food which I can appreciate even though I am a non-foodie.


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