Monday, 23 April 2012

So you think you know your herbs, do you?

I realised last week, while writing my post called "Herbs, herbs and more herbs" that sometimes they can be hard to tell apart, particularly when they are young, so I have put together this pictorial quiz to test your knowledge of the subject. See if you can identify these. I'll post the answers tomorrow.

Herb A

Herb B

Herb C

Herb D

Herb E

Herb F

Herb G

Herb H

Herb I

Herb J

Herb K

Herb L

Herb M

Herb N

Herb O

Herb P

Herb Q

Please visit the blog again tomorrow to see the official answers!

If you managed those all right, why not have a go at Sue's competition to win a book about Herb and Spice seeds...?


  1. Immature plants always are tricky to identify but I'm guessing you have a few varieties of the same generic herb here!

    1. I'd have never guessed the two photos of Thymes as they looked to have fleshy leaves like sedums. Closeup photography always deceives size wise too doesn't it?

  2. So curious!! I am pretty sure that I saw some sage, mint, parsley, and thyme. There are a few that I am really stumped with though.

  3. I need smell-o-vision! I verify everything by scent. But I guess that's cheating.

  4. I knew a few of these but as Melissa says we need to smell them to really know them well

  5. Not a clue, I'm no good on herbs. I'll check back tomorrow to improve my knowledge.

  6. I could only pick out a few of them. I don't think I have had all the herbs you have there.

  7. Ooh that was hard... Couldn't work them all out, but I'm fairly sure I saw: lemon balm, oregano, garden mint, rosemary, apple mint, purple sage, tarragon, bay, basil and either coriander or parsley at the end, they're both so similar. I'm a real herbie, but had difficulty here. :) Fun test! :D p.s. I have all of the herbs I've mentioned, plus a lot more... You have inspired me to write a herb entry in my blog.

  8. Brilliant idea Mark!

    I realised as I was looking at each photo I was subconsciously sniffing to try and get a clue...oh dear...

  9. ... this is so tuff...

    a looks like mint or lemon balm
    F is rosemary
    I is sage
    Q flat leaf parsley or corriander

    the rest are all monkey fodder


  10. A lemon balm
    B oregano
    C mint
    D ?
    E Purslane
    F rosemary
    G sage
    H marjoram ?
    I sage
    J ?
    K bay leaf
    L taragon
    M basil
    N ?
    O fennel (bronze ?)
    P sage
    Q parsey - flat leaf

  11. It's harder than you think when you see them so close up - I'll leave the brain work to everyone else

  12. a. Lemon Balm, b. Marjoram, c. Mint, d. Oregano, e. Purslane?, f. Rosemary, g. sage, h. thyme, i. Purple Sage, j. savoury?, k. bay, l. tarragon, m. basil, n. greek basil, o. Fennel, p. Purple sage, q. parsley. Of these I am pretty sure of c. we call it mint, I think you call it Morrocan mint - or is that a different variety.

  13. This is the kind of game I like :) Some of them are quite hard since the close-ups aren't in perspective but here's my go:

    A Melissa (Lemon Balm)
    B Oregano
    C Spearmint
    D Thai Basil (Hairy Basil variety?)
    E Looks like Purslane but has pointy leaves?
    F Rosemary
    G Garden Sage
    H No idea
    I Purple Sage
    J Tarragon
    K Bay
    L Savoury
    M Basil
    N Greek Basil
    O Bronze Fennel
    P Sage (Unknown type)
    Q Lovage

  14. That was hard but fun! Def got some wrong...I'm thinking everyone else is right about Q being parsley for one!

  15. Give me smell-o-vision and I'll guess for you. lol I find the mint family hard to tell apart in photos. But six of those are in that family. OK some are easy. The regular basil is so obvious, but I don't grow many basils but regular basil. So I wouldn't be able to guess the other basils. But since no one has guessed H (and I'm growing marjoram and it doesn't look anything like that), I'm going to guess thyme (though I'm not sure). Maybe French thyme. Herbs are hard up close. If I don't label the parsley and celery, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

  16. could you post the answers, please?

    1. Anon: I posted the answers on my blogpost the day after the quiz. Please see the post from Tues 24 April, titled "Carrot plans".


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