Friday, 13 April 2012

Review: Felco No.2 Secateurs

I was recently asked by a representative of the German price-comparison website Idealo to write a product review for them. I must admit that I had not previously been aware of Idealo, but now that I have discovered them I wish I had done so before! The product I am reviewing here (kindly supplied by Idealo) is a pair of Felco No.2 secateurs - something I have wanted for years, but never felt able to justify purchasing. My perception had been that these secateurs are very expensive, and therefore perhaps not good value for money, but with the aid of Idealo's price-comparison facility I found that although most suppliers sell them at about £60, you can get them for just over £34 - which is a big difference, and makes them much more affordable.

So what about the product? Well, my first impression is that the secateurs are sturdy, well-built and likely to last for many years (unlike the cheap-and-nasty £4.99 items that seem to proliferate in our UK garden centres).

The handles are comfortable and well-shaped.

The blade is sharp and precisely aligned.

A very comprehensive set of instructions is provided, showing you the various components, and how to dis-assemble them for maintenance or replacement. A small product-specific spanner is also provided for this purpose.

Overall, I'm very impressed. Since I have only just got these secateurs it is too early to be 100% certain, but I suspect this will turn out to be the best pair I have ever owned, and they will probably last me the rest of my lifetime. I can see why they are the choice of many professional horticulturalists.

Note: Although they arranged for the secateurs to be sent to me for review, Idealo is a price-comparison platform, not a shop, and it is not possible to order anything from them!


  1. I have a pair on my Amazon wishlist glad I've found some on to recommend them now!

  2. Mark, it's good to know about this price comparison website - gardening kit can get very expensive! I treated myself to a pair of Felco's for my birthday last year, then won another pair in the UK Veg Gardeners competition. My pair seemed to tarnish and rust much more quickly than cheaper pairs (Wilkinsons) but I'm now scrupulous about cleaning and oiling them thoroughly after each use. I also have a Felco sharpening tool in my essential garden kit; they seem to need it fairly frequently. Hope you get plenty of enjoyment out of them!

  3. That's a good item to be sent to review - you must be going through a lucky streak. We tend to go through secateurs as we forget where we have left (we;; maybe mostly me!) them so we don't tend to buy expensive ones.


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