Sunday, 15 April 2012

Rhubarb part 2

My two crowns of Rhubarb may not produce a huge crop of leaves, but they make up for any deficiency in this area by contributing loads of photo-opportunities as well!












This is my favourite way of cooking rhubarb: (serves 2)

  • Cut 4 or 5 stalks into 1-inch pieces and put them in a roasting-pan
  • Peel and cut a finger's worth of fresh ginger root. Cut it into chunks that can be identified for later removal. Add to the pan.
  • Cut a large orange into quarters. Squeeze its juice over the rhubarb and add the quarters (peel and all) to the pan
  • Sprinkle the rhubarb with about 1 tablespoonful of brown sugar (For diabetics, omit this stage and sweeten after cooking, with Truvia)
  • Cover the roasting-pan with foil
  • Bake in the oven, approx 150C, for approx 45 mins.
  • Test the rhubarb every few minutes after the 35-minute point to see if it's done. It should be soft but the pieces should retain their shape.
  • Once cooked, allow to cool a bit, then remove the pieces of ginger, and the orange peels.
  • Serve while still warm, with custard, cream, Mascarpone, Creme Fraiche, Pannacotta or whatever!


  1. I've got some Rhubabrb again this year, it died right back last Summer and I thought for sure it was dead but decided to leave it be a bit longer and this Spring its gone mad! Will try your way of cooking it as it souds yummy :-)

  2. I love the way the leaves look as they're just emerging. I've been to the allotment today and noticed that our next door plot neighbour's rhubarb is flowering again. It happens every year. I don't think he ever harvests anything from it, yet it's such a big clump.

  3. Mmmm, rhubarb and custard! Yummy! Extraordinary photos, Mark; I don't grow rhubarb so for me this was quite an eye opener. The close up of the leaves makes them look like little green brains tucked away at the base of the plant! It's almost alien!

  4. I have tried growing rhubarb here a couple times, it never lives through the winter :(

  5. I just planted rhubarb this year and I can't wait until I can harvest some. Meanwhile I look forward to trying your recipe! I love rhubarb. Jeannine

  6. My rhubarbs got a layer of compost this weekend; it's still too early to harvest any, but I look forward to at least a few crumbles and definitely a jar of two of rhubarb and ginger marmalade!

  7. I would love to grow Rhubarb, can it be grown from seed?

  8. Your rhubarb recipe sounds quite good. I think I'd serve it warm over ice cream. Yum!

  9. Rhubarb and orange are great taste partners. A rhubarb we bought to repace ones presumed dead on the plot (which have since revived) has now started to produce a shoot. So we will have another variety to add to our collection Stockbridge Arrow.

  10. Oooh that sounds really nice, when I'm next at Mum & Dad's (Wednesday) I'll get some rhubarb and make this.

  11. The leaves look like small green brains when they first start emerging, don't they?

    The recipe looks delicious...looks like a keeper to me :)

  12. What Tanya said about brains... dead on. I think I said it on the last rhubard post, I really need to add this to the garden.


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