Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Prunus Autumnalis

For those of you not so well-versed with the Latin, "Prunus Autumnalis" means "Autumn Cherry" (or Plum!).
I have a rather straggly tree of the variety "Surbhitella" in my garden. Although it is officially an Autumn-flowering variety, this one has lost the plot and seems to flower whenever it feels like it. Right now, being Autumn, you would expect this tree to be covered in blossom. Not so. It has about six flowers on it. Only a couple of these are within photographing range, so here are some pictures of them...

The promise of more to come

Nice flower, shame about the leaf! You can see the round holes that are made by whatever bug it is that attacks this tree year after year.

Yes, Mr.Tree, I need about five thousand more like that please... Yes, all at once... Yes, now....

While the Prunus Autumnalis is a bit reluctant to flower, the Blueberries are getting way ahead of themselves. The red leaves have mostly not fallen off yet, but there are definitely flowers on the plants - which shouldn't appear until next Spring!

Blueberry flowering in November!


  1. Beautiful flowers. Madness this autumn, everything is blooming at the wrong time.

  2. That is a lovely flower. Strange that a bug has created such circular holes. Could it have been caused by raindrops reflecting sunshine (if you have had any) and causing holes to burn in the leaf?

  3. Sue; No I am sure the holes are caused by bugs. It happens every year. Many of the affected leaves turn yellow and fall off, but then a second batch of (less enthusiastic) leaves grows back.

  4. Lovely tree Mark, does it grow very big - sadly I don't have room for anything too big.


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