Friday 28 July 2017

Reaping the rewards

For the veg-gardener, July and August are all about harvesting. It's not that you don't / can't harvest vegetables at other times, it's just that the balance if very much in favour of harvesting instead of sowing and planting. This week I have been harvesting lots more goodies from my garden.

In my trug this time I have beetroot, red onions, radishes, a cucumber, a courgette and loads of tomatoes.

The tomatoes are all small ones, mostly "Maskotka", with a few "Losetto" and one or two "Sweet Aperitif". The latter certainly live up to the expectation set by their name - they are very sweet for a tomato. I have to say though that "Maskotka" is still my favourite, because it seems to have just the right balance of sweetness and acidity.

These are mostly "Maskotka"

As well as the salads seen above, I have also today picked my second little batch of "Sturon" onions.

Well, it's not a huge harvest by any stretch of the imagination (with these 8 I will have harvested 22 "Sturons"), but I'm pretty happy with the quality, especially considering that this is my first attempt at growing this vegetable.

You probably noticed in the photos at the top of the page there are two large red torpedo-shaped onions. They are the first of my "Long Red Florence". I have about 30 more of these, and I plan to harvest them next time we have the prospect of a couple of days of sunshine to help with drying them (so not this coming weekend then!). The two I have harvested today are going to be used in a tomato-and-onion salad tomorrow.


  1. That's a wonderful harvest from your garden! Those tomatoes look fantastic and I like the trug with your logo! Sarah x

  2. The tomatoes look wonderful - no ripe ones hered just yet


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