Sunday 12 February 2017

Project complete!

Well, the project to remove the two old raised beds has been finished. The space where they stood is now a flat open space covered with 25mm shingle:-

So now I can get rid of that nasty blue Builder's Bag. Hooray!

And of course the whole purpose of this project was to make a place to house big containers for growing things like potatoes, chillis and blueberries, so I have re-located all those pots I filled with soil the other day.

I have put 8 of the smaller pots into my two so-called "Seedling Greenhouses", which will hopefully allow the soil in them to warm up a bit before planting-time. The greenhouses are weighted-down with bricks to stop them blowing away!

It's too early to plant the potatoes just yet, but they are chitting away quite nicely on the windowsill in an unheated spare bedroom, and should be ready in about a month's time.

This is "Charlotte" (my favourite), an ever-reliable and heavy-cropping Second Early variety.


  1. You are so organised Mark and indeed keeping yourself busy after retirement. I still need to order my seeds if I want to get back into growing veg again.

  2. Great work mark and it looks really good too. Hope you like it

  3. Looks great! You have really inspired me to make a place to put pots this year so I can get growing again.

  4. It has produced a lovely large space - I wonder whether any flowers will sneak in? :-)

    1. I doubt it! (Unless chilli flowers count...)

  5. That looks so good! Very organized and tidy. A nice view when you look out the windows as the season progresses.

  6. Excellent timing, Mark. 2017 better watch out!

  7. that was quick work you haven't wasted anytime in reusing the space! Sarah x


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